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  1. Dick Sanders

    Is CS3 compatible with 64 bit and Windows 7?

    I love PhotoShop CS3 and don't really need to upgrade to CS5, but I'm considering upgrading to Windows 7 and 64 bit computing. Will my CS3 work well with the new system? I've heard conflicting reports on this. Adobe says yes, others say they've had problems. Any experience with it? Also, my...
  2. Dick Sanders

    Epson Artisan 50 printer?

    Can the Epson Artisan 50 inkjet printer take thick papers, such as 240, 285, and 300 gm weight? I have an Epson R2400 for serious work, but it can be fussy with heavyweight textured papers. I also have an old Epson 960 that works great with the thicker textured papers, but it's so old it's...
  3. Dick Sanders

    What are best 220 developing reels?

    Can you recommend good 220 developing reels, and where to get them? I've long developed 120 on stainless reels, but I've been wanting to shoot some 220 in my Pentax 67 and my reels only take 120. I suppose I could go with plastic, too. Just want to make sure I don't buy junk. Thanks.
  4. Dick Sanders

    What are best 220 developing reels?

    Anybody here with 220 experience who can recommend the best developing reels? And where to get them? I've long developed 120 bw film on stainless reels, but I've been wanting to shoot 220 in my Pentax 67, in order to get more shots on a roll, and to cut down developing time. My reels only take...
  5. Dick Sanders

    Sad Little Girl

    I hang here once in a while and try to help out, so I thought I'd post one for your comments. My next door neighbors' daughter turned 2, a good time to "attempt" a classic portrait. Hailey's her name, and she cooperated for about 3 minutes. You gotta work fast with these kids. The rest of the...
  6. Dick Sanders

    New Photo from my 3 inch 8x10 Pinhole

    North Shore Yacht Club at the Salton Sea in the Southern California Desert (Feb 2009). The mid-century modern architect, Albert Frey, designed this building. The Salton Sea was once a beautiful boating and fishing recreational area, but it's a ghost town now because the sea was badly polluted by...
  7. Dick Sanders

    Superwide Holga Pinhole...120 film

    I didn't know this superwide Holga pinhole camera even existed. It looks great. Anybody have experience with it? Holga | 193120 120 Wide Angle Pinhole Camera | 193120 | B&H
  8. Dick Sanders

    Need sources for 8x10 sheet film

    Ugh! I ran out of 8x10 in Ilford Delta Pro 400, and when I went to reorder discovered it's no longer available. I ordered some Ilford HP5 Plus from B&H, but if anybody knows some good sources for sheet film in 8x10 and 5x7, please let me know. Maybe somebody out there still has some Ilford...
  9. Dick Sanders

    Softbox modified for softer light and ROUND catchlights

    How many of you have a square or rectangular softbox and have been living with squarish catchlights? Well, suffer no more. A small can of black fabric paint can give you ROUND catchlights for a more pleasing look. All you have to do is paint the translucent white fabric on the front of your...
  10. Dick Sanders

    Comments wanted, philosophy of portraiture

    I posted a portrait, which evolved into discussion of philosophy of portraiture with examples, but I put it in the wrong place. Need some "people photographers" to comment. Thanks.
  11. Dick Sanders

    The Cabinet Maker's Wife

    Usually I'm commenting and helping here, but I thought I'd post one for comments. My cabinet maker came over to install some custom shelving and brought his wife. She was very quiet and shy and had the darkest eyes. I asked if I could make a portrait of her while her husband installed the...
  12. Dick Sanders

    Pinhole Photograph with 6-month exposure

    The spectacular picture shows each phase of the sun over Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge taken over a six month period. It plots the sun's daily course as it rises and falls over Brunel's famous structure, which spans the 702ft (214m) Avon Gorge. Incredibly, the eerie image was captured...
  13. Dick Sanders

    Two women on the street, San Diego '97

    I mostly do street portraits. And I made this one in 1997 of two women in a rough section of San Diego. It was about 10 in the morning, and they were drunk, possibly also high on drugs. I got the impression they had been up all night. I asked if I could make a portrait of them and one said...
  14. Dick Sanders

    Example of soft lighting for portrait

    A question that comes up fairly often is how to get soft lighting for portraits. And you see a lot of "portrait lighting kits" that consist mainly of bounce umbrellas. But just bouncing light off a reflective umbrella won't give you soft light.To get really nice soft lighting for portraits, you...
  15. Dick Sanders

    Please consider this...

    We're not supposed to post the same pics in more than one category, so I'd like to suggest you check out the "Alternative" category -- where Holga, Pinhole, and alternative processes are discussed. We need a few more bodies there. And comments on the pics are welcome. Thanks for considering.
  16. Dick Sanders

    When Holga Saved the Day

    Here are two photos I made with my Holga (120N), and the stories behind them. Photo #1: My friend's father passed away, a man who had been instrumental in getting a very powerful Holocaust Memorial built in Palm Desert, CA, and I wanted to do something to honor him. The Memorial featured...
  17. Dick Sanders

    My 5x7 and 8x10 pinhole cameras, plus photo

    Here's a photo I made with my 8x10 pinhole camera of the Albert Frey designed "Flying Wedge," which was a gas station in Palm Springs, CA for many years. Today, it's the Palm Springs Visitors Center. At the time I made this photo, it was an art gallery and the owner had a collection of Japanese...
  18. Dick Sanders

    Cats are people, aren't they?

    Here's a portrait of my cat, Teddy, when he was about 11 weeks old (before he learned what a terrible annoying thing the camera is). The Tedster.
  19. Dick Sanders

    Street Portraits in Los Angeles

    Hi, gang: Over the past 2 1/2 years I've been working on "Faces On The Street," a series of street portraits at 5th & Main in downtown Los Angeles. Recently I teamed with my friend, Danny Combs, a pro guitarist and composer who wrote and performed original music -- Waiting For Paradise -- for...
  20. Dick Sanders

    What's the best program for making a slide show for YouTube?

    I want to make a slide show to put on YouTube. It will be about 32 B&W images fading in from black and out to black, with a musical soundtrack. What's the best program for doing this? I've made a slide show before with Window's MovieMaker. Is there a better program, or is that one fine for...