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  1. Kristie

    My first Macro shots

    I always wanted to try macro photography, so I finally got myself some extension tubes. Here are some photos of my first time using them C&C welcome :)
  2. Kristie

    Best Nikon lens for weddings (and portraits)?

    What is considered the best Nikkor lens for wedding photographers (and portraits photographers)? Why?
  3. Kristie

    fishing boat

    First B&W post. C&C welcome :)
  4. Kristie

    Waterfalls (hand-held)

    I took these photos on a slow shutter hand-held because I forgot my tripod. C&C welcome along with any comments :)
  5. Kristie

    Friends new puppy

    I took these photos last month the day after my friends got their new puppy. This is my first post with photos. C&C welcome and any comments on how I could have improved the photos :)
  6. Kristie


    I'm looking for some good books to read. What are some of your favorites or ones you recommend?
  7. Kristie

    Which Lens?

    I'm wanting to get a new lens. A prime lens. I currently have the Nikkor 18-70mm, and I've been looking at the 50mm 1.4 or 1.8. Which is better? Why? What else would you recommend? Why? thanks.
  8. Kristie

    Travelling with Camera (need case)

    My husband and I are travelling to Thailand Oct/Nov and we need a smaller camera case to bring with us (more compact). We'd like a waterproof case (Pelican) but we can't seem to find something that's JUST small enough for our camera. We currently have the Pelican case 1400 but we'd like to try...
  9. Kristie

    Starting a Photography business

    I'd like to start a part-time photography business. I'd like to start out doing animals/nature and then work to portraits (indoors and outdoors) then maybe eventually weddings. What kind of things do I need to get started? I've just ordered the new Nikon D80 and am planning on getting a...
  10. Kristie

    Best Point-and-shoot Cameras? (cheaper)

    I've ordered the new Nikon D80 and should receive it next month, but I'm also thinking of getting a cheaper Point and Shoot Digital camera as well to bring with me when I wont be able to bring my bigger D80. Can anyone recommend a cheaper camera, but one that takes excellent photos. My friend...
  11. Kristie

    Prime Nikon Lenses

    What are the Prime Nikon Lenses? ALSO... I just want to make sure... Do all the different lenses for like D50/D70/D80/D200 etc all fit on all the different cameras? Like... If I bought a 18-55mm, would that fit on any Nikon Camera (SLR)?
  12. Kristie

    Good General Lens (stay-on-lens) for D80?

    I am purchansing the new Nikon D80 camera soon. I am having a hard time trying to figure out what type of lens to get for all basic use. I am wanting to spend $500 or less (or somewhere around that) I'd like something that I can take macro shots with as well as something that has a slight zoom...
  13. Kristie

    Nikon D80 Lenses. Which is the BEST.

    I plan to buy the new Nikon D80. There are so many lenses out there, I'm confused as to which ones's the best. Can someone give me some information on this... Nikkor, Quantaray, etc.... Does one brand work better at certain options than the others?
  14. Kristie

    Anything Negative about new Nikon D80?

    Me and my Husband are considering getting this camera. I've heard it's suppose to be a pretty amazing camera. I know it's still VERY new, but has anyone got any feedback as to why we SHOULDN'T get this camera? Thanks!