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  1. DaPOPO


    Usually your backgrounds are all black. I love the interplay of the background colors with the flower. Nice..
  2. DaPOPO

    Wounded Warrior Run BC, 2020 - Image HEAVY!

    I love the camaraderie of the old and young together in #13!!! Job well done on the set.
  3. DaPOPO

    Ft. De Soto Defenses

    #6 is my favorite.
  4. DaPOPO

    Up in smoke.

    All of them are nice, but the other posters are correct, #3 is excellent!!
  5. DaPOPO

    Fifty Six, Arkansas

    Waterfall is the one..
  6. DaPOPO

    Early Morning

    Whole set is nice, but #2 is it for me..
  7. DaPOPO

    “The Man & His Leather Jacket...”

    What a great response Dan, but next time don't hold back!!!:bouncingsmileys:
  8. DaPOPO

    Watching the little birdies

    #5... Nice
  9. DaPOPO

    A rainy day

    #2 for me..
  10. DaPOPO

    City Lights

    Yes, big difference, and well done.
  11. DaPOPO

    My first time trying anything like this.

    You did great, your mind is on the right learning track, keep it up!
  12. DaPOPO

    A Few B&W's from a recent trip to New York

    And the consensus is in... 3 it is!!!
  13. DaPOPO


    Nice!!! Love the processing!
  14. DaPOPO

    Backyard star trails

    Great image, but having a new crimbfighter... Is that crimbfighter or cribfighter..... Congratulations!!!:biglaugh:
  15. DaPOPO

    U.S. Marine Corps Logo Leather Wallet

    Actually it was. When you take portraits I keep reading about making triangles, so I made triangles with the edge of the wallet, the blue field and a stripe.