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  1. John Hunt

    A New Look for Downtown Cedar Rapids

    Vets%20Mem%20by%20John%20Hunt,%20on%20Flickr']Vets Mem by John Hunt, on Flickr[/URL]
  2. John Hunt

    Nice Sunrise

  3. John Hunt

    Cedar Rapids Skyline

  4. John Hunt

    Sun Dogs

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  5. John Hunt

    Maiden Flight

  6. John Hunt

    Mrs. Red

  7. John Hunt

    12-10 Sunrise

  8. John Hunt

    being a bird in a snow storm

  9. John Hunt

    eagle in flight

  10. John Hunt

    Eagle on patrol

    I took a few pictures yesterday. Here is one I like.
  11. John Hunt

    Just another hummer

  12. John Hunt

    The Hummers are back.

  13. John Hunt

    The Spy

  14. John Hunt

    Just another eagle

  15. John Hunt

    I got very lucky

    I got a message from my local camera store manager earlier in the week saying that he had taken some Olympus lens in on trade. I told him I would stop in on Saturday and take a look. I picked up a 40 -150 f2.8 and 60 macro for $1080.00. Both lens look like new.
  16. John Hunt

    An eagle from yesterday

  17. John Hunt


  18. John Hunt

    Just a bug

  19. John Hunt


  20. John Hunt

    Meadow larks