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  1. Lightsped

    Been brainstorming, but nothing coming to mind....

    Need to get a few shots of five or six watches. Been brainstorming for ideas, and unable to think of anything creative. Don't want to simply line up the watches on a table and take a photo looking down on them. All watches will need to be in focus. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Lightsped

    Thoughts on this water photo?

    Considering using this photo, but concerned the sun reflection is too bright. If it is, is there anything that can be done as from what is understood, that bright of an area has lost data. Should I leave it as is, or try to reduce the bright reflection? Thanks for any input.
  3. Lightsped

    Faces in focus?

    I don't shoot people much at all. Recently did a group photo of six or seven people lined up in a line facing the camera. Everyone was pretty much the same distance from the camera (six feet or so) and the people on the ends were less in focus than those in middle. What settings (Nikon) should...
  4. Lightsped

    Help with snake photo please.

    Was hoping I could find someone who could lighten this photo up a little. I am unable to do so myself as I have limited resources at this time. Thanks Edit** How can I submit the fullsize photo? The one here is small. The photo is in my gallery here on Photo "42355" in the...
  5. Lightsped

    Wrong with 70-200mm F2.8

    Have an older 70-200mm F-2.8G lens. Just learned that something is preventing the AF from working. Have tried this lens on multiple bodies. Have double and triple checked that AF is selected on the lens (and various bodies). When attempting to use the lens, I look through the view finder and...
  6. Lightsped

    London photography?

    Planning to travel to London in late March. Have been there several times in past 10 years. Interested in getting some good shots. Have already done all of the usual tourist stops. Not really interested in those. Where in London can photographers get some good non-touristy shots? Thanks
  7. Lightsped

    Color check needed for this photo please.

    Made this photo, and when viewed on the school's TV it is very very over saturated. Extremely bright reds and blues. Checked the photo on a few Android and Iphones and photo looked good. Don't have many monitors to check the photo. How does photo look color-wise? Is it over saturated? Any...
  8. Lightsped

    Best all around quality lens?

    Getting ready to go on a trip in a couple months. Would like to be able to take less camera equipment on the trip. Currently always taking 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, and 50mm 1.4. What quality lens can be bought that would be a good compromise as compared to taking all of these lenses?
  9. Lightsped

    D500 vs Z50

    Kind of playing with the idea of buying either a D500 or Z50. Currently have all of the trinity lenses as well as the 105mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4, and 200-500 5.6. Primarily shoot wildlife and some sporting events such as car races. Anyways, which of these two is preferred? Would have to get the FTZ...
  10. Lightsped

    Atlanta photographers?

    Any Atlanta folks here? I live in Cobb County (NW ATL Metro).
  11. Lightsped

    Difficult to find time for photos....

    So I currently work a 10pm to 6:30am shift. When I get home I go directly to bed. it is difficult to find time for photography since the sun is on the other side of the world when I am awake. And..... to make matters worse, we are about to go on 12 hour shifts here which will be 6pm to 6am...
  12. Lightsped

    Not the usual London photos?

    I may be returning to London for my 6th or 7th time soon. I have all the usual tourist type shots of Westminster Abby, Eye, Tower Bridge, Windsor Castle, Shard, Buckingham Palace, various museums, etc..... Looking for something a little more original to take photos of. Any interesting ideas...
  13. Lightsped

    Which lens for Rome?

    I will be traveling to Rome on March 1st. I have quite a few lenses, but am not sure which to take. I would like to limit my lenses to two. I am thinking 14-24, and 24-70. Should I substitute one of these for a 70-200? I may take the 50mm 1.4 since it is such a small/light lens. I am hoping to...
  14. Lightsped

    Photos always coming out too redish.

    My parents living room has pale yellow walls and kind of pinkish/red sofas. I am not crazy about the color scheme.... Anyways, every time I shoot in their living room my photos always come out overly red with somewhat heavy saturation. I have tried reducing the red/orange tones using lightroom...
  15. Lightsped

    14-24mm f2.8 problem.

    All of the sudden my 14-24mm f2.8 is stuck at 14mm. I am unable to zoom in at all. It is like the zoom ring locked at 14mm. The lens still makes great photos, but I can only use it at 14mm. Any ideas?
  16. Lightsped

    Lens Skirt XL on 14-24?

    Will the Lens Skirt XL fit on the Nikon 14-24? Does the Lens Skirt screw on to the end of the lens? If so, how does it attach to the 14-24 since there are no threads on this lens? Thanks
  17. Lightsped

    Refocus without changing exposure.

    Say i am in a somewhat dark room looking outside a brightly lit window. I dont want to expose for the dark room and blow out the details outside the brightly lit window. I would like to expose for the brightly lit window causing the dark room to stay dark. Then in post, i can brighten up the...
  18. Lightsped

    Photos don't look right?

    When I edit/process photos at home I get them looking fairly real or correct in my opinion. When I go to work I notice that the same photos look very bright. How do we know which monitor or settings to work with? How do my photos look ovcrall? Too bright? Too saturated? About right...
  19. Lightsped

    AF question.

    I often go out to eat with friends or family. Usually seems like there are six or seven of us. When I give the waiter/waitress my camera to do a quick photo of us at the table, it rarely comes out well. I think the main problem is that I am unsure of which AF mode and which AF points to use. I...
  20. Lightsped

    Photographing bodies and lenses?

    Looking for ideas on how to creatively photograph or arrange several lenses and a couple bodies. Need to photograph these things. Don't want a simple police style jail lineup of lenses. Should have some nice angles and perspective in the photo. Any ideas?