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  1. trades2cash

    Need help with strobes.

    Here is the deal. I have a nikon d90 that i have become very comfortable shooting in manual mode so I am not an entire newbie. I got a pretty good grasp on exposure and iso an etc. Now the thing is that i never use the flash. I recently got 2 square perfect strobes and light boxes for some...
  2. trades2cash

    Need Lens advice Please.

    Here is the deal. I have a nikon d-90 with a kit lens 18mm-135mm. For general shooting the lens is okay but i have been trying to break into stock photography and this lens is not so good. Purple fringing, CA, not the sharpest focus. I shoot alot of product shots, some in a light tent some not...
  3. trades2cash

    Waxwing C&C

    Shot this a couple of hours ago using my 70-300mm. No tripod but i had the VR on. Focal Length 300mm, Aperture f/10, shutter 1/320, ISO 200.
  4. trades2cash

    Deer 2 C&C

    This is a shoot i got a couple of weeks ago fairly early in the morning. I live close to several hundred acres of woods and i enjoy trying to get photos like this. I am not a hunter but some guys i work with are and they have really helped me on where to look for deer and how to wait until the...
  5. trades2cash

    Trying Simple light. C&C

    This is my first attempt at some simple back lighting from a window. I know it is rather dark, that is the way I wanted it. Manual Mode, ISO 200, Shutter 1/80, Aperture F/4.5, and Matrix metering. The light coming in from the window was the only light in the room.
  6. trades2cash

    Trying Car lights once again C&C

    Okay, the last time i shot at 30 second shutter speed and it caused the lights to blow out. here is another attempt from last saturday night. Mode Manual, Shutter 15 secs., Aperture F/22, ISO 100, Manual focus and Focal Length 110. No post work.
  7. trades2cash

    2nd Moon Shot C&C

    Okay, i tried some of the different settings that were suggested and here is my latest shot. Focal Length 300mm, Mode manual, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 1/250, and aperture F/8. Thanks Jaszek, your advice on the settings worked great and thanks to all those with their comments in my first post...
  8. trades2cash

    1st Moon Shot C&C

    Okay i thought i would try a moon shot. It was not quite dark yet but i kinda like the dark blue sky. I used a tripod and timer and manual focus. Manual Mode, Shutter 1/500, Aperture 5.6, ISO 100, focal length 300mm. Please let me know what you think and how i could improve. Thanks signed Randall.
  9. trades2cash

    Noob ? about file size.

    I have a nikon d90 12.3 mega pixels camera. I have the save settings set to the highest quality RAW. But most of the pictures i have taken are between 9megs and 10megs. I dont understand, should'nt they be larger because it is a 12.3 meg camera or am i missing something. I have also noticed when...
  10. trades2cash

    Night Lights 2nd try. C&C.

    Just shot a few more night shots. No quite there yet but let me know what you think. ISO 100 , Shutter 30 seconds , aperture F/16. thanks signed.....Randall
  11. trades2cash

    New 70-300mm lens. C&C please.

    Hello everyone. Just got a new lens for my nikon d90 and tried it this morning. The only real problem i have been having is when i shoot in the dense woods it is hard to get a good focus. Any comments would be appreciated as i have so much to learn. The camera settings for this photo was mode...
  12. trades2cash

    Night Lights Help

    Hello everyone. I traded in my canon last week and finally got me a nikon d90. I love it. I have seen some really cool shots on the internet of car lights at night so I tried. I cant seem to get the clear focus of the shots that i see on the internet. Here is my setting for this shot. Lense VR...
  13. trades2cash

    New to forum

    Hello everyone. Just found the forum last week and decided to join. Here are some photos i took with my camera i got for christmas. It is a canon PowerShotSX10 IS. Please critique and let me know how i can improve. Thanks much..........Randall
  14. trades2cash

    ? about Printers.

    First let me say hi to all. My question is this I would like to buy a printer and am willing to spend up to 1 thousand dollars. I dont want an all in one printer, and after reading reviews of the higher quality printers i find myself very confused. The different types of ink and everything else...