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  1. impressme

    1st Tonemapping Attempt- C&C

    Any suggestions for improvement?
  2. impressme

    New L Glass Pics- C&C

    I picked up the 70-200 4.0 today and I'm so happy I did, it's amazing! I, of course, ran to a new site that I want to shoot at in the spring to try it out and here's a few of the shots I got. 1. 2. 3.
  3. impressme

    First LIGHTBOX shots C&C

    So I built my lightbox today- fairly easy to do and only took about 15 mins to put together tops. I based mine off of this tutorial. I think the lighting came out good but I think my fine focus might be off. Or maybe it was for the fact that I don't have a shutter release? The close ups look...
  4. impressme

    Building Lightbox tomorrow- any tips?

    Hey guys, I've got a few weeks away from school so I've decided to work on some projects I've been wanting to do. One being to build a lightbox. I've obviously googled how to's on building them- but I'm just curious if anyone has any tips to share after building one?
  5. impressme

    Bought a 50D today!

    I'm very excited about getting out there and using it! My rebel will be a backup body for now, and eventually I'll make the 50D my backup, sell the Rebel and have a 5DMII as my main. Now I just need to feel better (I've got the flu right now)so I can get out there and shoot!
  6. impressme

    I'm crabby- C&C

    Its a gorgeous day in New Jersey and the hubby and I took a long walk on the beach... here's something that caught my eye along the way!
  7. impressme

    Dorothy gets Married- C&C

    Hey everyone! I was out with a good friend who's a pro wedding photographer this weekend where we set up a shoot to get some shots for her new web site. We were going for a very trendy type feel. All the photos have a lomo action to them to give them the color seen. I'm really looking for...
  8. impressme

    Canon 70-200 f4.0 USM- Any comments on it?

    Canon | 70-200mm f/4.0L USM Autofocus Lens | 2578A002 | B&H Does anyone have this lens or have comments on it? I'm looking for a 70-300ish range lens that's fairly fast. I can't afford the f2.8 but it appears faster than the 70-300. Any thoughts? I'll be using the lens to capture fire...
  9. impressme

    Berries- C&C

  10. impressme

    In camera metering help please!

    When I shoot in program I'm often getting underexposed shots. I've been shooting in raw lately so I've been able to adjust the exposure afterwards but I want to get it right in camera. I'm guessing part of my issue may be what metering style. I've got 4 possibilities with my camera. Can anyone...
  11. impressme

    Got my Nifty Fifty!!!

    Soo excited that it came in a day early!!! Now I've just gotta sucker someone to pose for me so I can play!!!
  12. impressme

    No bounce card on Canon 430EX?

    It appears that I only have what looks to be a magnifier? Any explanations? Can a bounce card be added to this?
  13. impressme

    First B&W Conversion- C&C

    Hi guys, this is actually a photo that I took the first day I got my camera. I'd love some C&C on composition as well as the B&W conversion. 1. 2.
  14. impressme

    Favorite Photog EBAY Stores?

    I don't ebay much so I'm a little hesitant when it comes to buying. Anyone have recs of stores or sellers on ebay that they've bought from and trust? Thanks!
  15. impressme

    Any deals on memory cards?

    Let me know if anyone knows of any good deals going on. I need to replace mine.
  16. impressme

    Holiday Portrait- C&C

    This was my first time at shooting a group of people. I'm not working with the best glass, and with hindsight being 20/20 I should have brought everyone farther from the tree to create a greater blurred background but I'm pretty please with the comp. C&C welcomed PLEASE!
  17. impressme

    The Beach- believe it or not... C&C

    More so the inlet at the beach. I've been viewing this room for quite some time but I think this is my first post. Anyway, C&C is always appreciated!
  18. impressme

    Remembering Summer- C&C welcomed

    I know that not everyone loves C&Cing beach or sunrise scenes, but I'm hoping I can get a few of you to comment!!! I've had the last week or so off and I'm finally getting a chance to go through some of the 8500+ shots I've taken over the last 6 months. This set was all taken in November just...
  19. impressme

    Calibrating Monitor?

    How do you do it?
  20. impressme

    Mobile Me Gallery users come in...

    If you have mobile me for mac and use the gallery, do you watermark your photos? I dilema is that I want to use this for family to be able to download photos they'd like to have for themselves when I post family events or photos I take during a shoot however I don't want anyone being able to...