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  1. Canon88

    Problem with polarizer

    I seemed to have tightened my circular polarizer a little too tight on my canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens and now cant seem to loosen it. Any suggestions??
  2. Canon88

    Exposure Method

    Alright. I use a Canon Rebel Xt. Lets say I set my camera up on a Tripod and use a cable release. Lets say I'm using a few filters, one of of them is an ND8 circular filter, at f/22, ISO 100... I'm shooting in Manual because even at thirty-seconds the image was too underexposed.. so, my...
  3. Canon88

    ND8 Filters

    Should I buy a ND8 Graduated Filter or an ND8 Circular Filter? Lenses they will be used on: Canon's Tamron 11-18mm and Canon's 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM I would like a few photo examples of both filters at work (to see the differences) and also the pro's and con's to both filters, if...
  4. Canon88

    Amateur post-processor: Toronto, Canada.

    *I am responsible for both the image and the post-processing* 19yr old photographer from Dallas, Texas. Amateur post-processor [but won't give up!] Critiques, welcome.
  5. Canon88

    Sam J. -Dallas, Texas.

    My friend, Sam J. Me: 19 yr. old photog. from Denton, Tx. -All images taken on Canon Rebel XT.
  6. Canon88

    Eiffel Tower - 19 yr. old photographer

    From Dallas, Texas. 19 yr old photographer with a half-decent Canon Rebel Xt. Critiques, welcome. I also have a few more shots at Thank you all.
  7. Canon88

    Neckstraps, Neckstraps, Neckstraps..

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum and look forward to chatting with many of you! I have a question that I couldn't seem to find a better 'category' for, so I thought it would be well-suited here? Anyway, my question is this: I'm sort of a unique guy - I think everyone here can appreciate...