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  1. Mullen

    Flowers/Floral Stuff

  2. Mullen

    Flowers/Floral Stuff

  3. Mullen

    My Niece Brynlee's First Birthday

    Didn't think to bring my camera, so these were taken with my mom's PowerShot SD1100. 1. 2. 3.
  4. Mullen

    Ouatchita National Forest

    Taken in the Ouachita National Forest in Southeastern Oklahoma with a 40D/50mm setup and a pair of cold, tired, and shaky hands. My first trip (since being into photography) I forgot my camera. On the second it was raining with extremely dense fog. The third time seems to have been a charm...
  5. Mullen

    Pit Bulls!

    Hank- 1/2 pit: She's only 1/4 pit, but has the looks of one: My mom actually took this picture, I'm going to post it anyways..
  6. Mullen

    Across the Hay Field

    Thanks abraxas. Yeah, it's a dragonfly.. no motor (that I know of).
  7. Mullen

    Across the Hay Field

    This photo is about 7 months old, just found it in an old batch that I've posted photos from before. Taken with a 50mm 1.8 mounted on a 40D.
  8. Mullen


    A couple from yesterday. Taken with a Canon 50mm 1.8 on a Canon 40D. Comments and critique are welcome. 1. 2.
  9. Mullen

    walk around lens

    I use this lens when I'm trying to shoot wildlife and a nifty-fifty for every thing else.
  10. Mullen

    White-Tailed Deer

    My camouflage and bright orange vest might have made her a bit curious, but I'd say I had a bit of luck on my side anyways. Thanks for the comment.
  11. Mullen

    White-Tailed Deer

    Thanks. Yeah, I was stalking three of them for between 30-45 minutes. Just a few seconds after I took these, one of them snorted and they took off.
  12. Mullen

    White-Tailed Deer

    I went 'hunting' the other day with my weapon of choice.. 40D with a Sigma 70-300. Was having trouble with the exposure, so I was using 400 iso. Here are the best two out of the bunch.
  13. Mullen

    Real death

    A couple from Wednesday. Was actually trying to shoot wildlife, so I had to work with a 70-300 zoom lens.
  14. Mullen

    The song title game

    Square One Here I Come - The Hives
  15. Mullen

    The song title game

    Sweet Sunshine - Beck
  16. Mullen

    The song title game

    Blame It On The Tetons - Modest Mouse
  17. Mullen

    The song title game

    Oh No! - Beep Beep
  18. Mullen

    The Pants Game!

    No Pants For Old Men ...:(
  19. Mullen

    The song title game

    No Future - Anti-Flag