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  1. LittleMike

    It's good to be back in the saddle!

    After taking nearly a year sabbatical (with minor photo trips here and there) I've decided it's time to get back in the saddle and jump headlong into photography again. A lot has changed over the past year. From doing some major soul searching, leaving some lifelong friends/distant family...
  2. LittleMike

    Oversized Matting Options?

    I have a 10 shot panorama that I'm looking at producing fairly large (approx. 24" x 65") and am having trouble finding matting options. My employer wants to hang it in his show room (high-end custom cabinetry and moulding shop) to showcase some of the local scenery and possibly start to sell...
  3. LittleMike

    Water Wonderland

    I had an opportunity to go on one of the "limited" hikes in Zion National Park over the weekend: The Subway. They have a lottery system set up and only allow 40 people per day to do it. A friend of mine called me up the night before and said he had an extra permit and asked if I wanted to go...
  4. LittleMike

    After 1.5 years of waiting...

    I can't say that I am. I just went to his website, and am pretty impressed with his work. He has all of the "standard" shots of Zion N.P. that all photographers in the area have (the Narrows, the Subway, and the Wave in Coyote Buttes), but he also has some pretty refreshing takes of finding...
  5. LittleMike

    After 1.5 years of waiting...

    Here's the color version of the second one...
  6. LittleMike

    After 1.5 years of waiting...

    Thanks Charlie! I'm still waiting for an opportunity to stay the night up there so I can see all the different light changes. I might be heading up again in a few weeks to check it out!
  7. LittleMike

    After 1.5 years of waiting...

    ...I finally got to make a return trip to the White Wave! It's been a long time coming, and I'm loving the area more and more. I also saw several desert bighorn sheep on my way up, but wasn't able to get my camera out in time before they disappeared over the hill. Oh well, maybe next time...
  8. LittleMike

    Canaan Mountain and White Wave, Southern Utah...Sept 15-16

    I'll be heading to the top of Canaan Mountain to visit the White Wave September 15th-16th if anyone would like to come. It's a virtually unknown, little explored area full of photographic opportunities like I have never seen before. I've only been there once before on a day hike, and am anxious...
  9. LittleMike

    Ultra high-res panorama of Mars

    The lighting is too flat ;) I honestly thought it looks like a lot of the deserts in southern utah/northern arizona. We really aren't so different after all!
  10. LittleMike

    Arches National Park, Sept. 1st-2nd

    I know it's short notice, but I just thought I'd throw in a plug and see if anyone is going to be in Arches National Park this weekend. I'll be there Saturday into Sunday, and am always looking for another person to shoot with.
  11. LittleMike

    Winds of the Universe...C&C

    Very well said Jake, very well said.
  12. LittleMike

    Winds of the Universe...C&C

    Thanks for the replies everyone :) The main thing I was hoping to accomplish with a reshoot is to go out when there is less moon, giving me a longer exposure and longer star streaks. I rarely like to stop down much beyond where I was, because it makes the star trails appear much fainter. The...
  13. LittleMike

    Winds of the Universe...C&C

    I thought I'd take the standard windmill shot that a lot of people seem to do and put my own spin on it. Rather than simiply getting the silhouette against an awesome sunrise/sunset, I thought I'd take one at night. I also like the contrast of something that is generally seen as moving...
  14. LittleMike

    Star Trail/ Light Painting

    Long-exposure night photography is my passion, and it's good to see more people doing it! As far as the light painting goes, I would have preferred to leave out the colored lights at the bottom of the subject, and use only white light instead. Compositionally, this is a very centered image. Next...
  15. LittleMike

    US Coast Guard at Sunset

    The lighting is better on the first, but the composition is better on the second. As was said above, there is too much space on the left hand side. It is much better balanced in the second image. However, NEVER cut off your subject.
  16. LittleMike

    A Night shot and a Sunset for C&C

    The widest on the lens I was using is f/4. I had to stop it down to f/8 to get the exposure I wanted though (I was already at ISO100). I tried several other shots that night with light painting, but it proved to be next to impossible to get it to blend even somewhat well at the shadow line.
  17. LittleMike

    A Night shot and a Sunset for C&C

    Here's my attempt last night at a location known locally as Toquer Falls. I think I'm going to need to wait a few more months for the moon to track more north to light up the lower falls better, but overall I'm pretty pleased with the results! This is a single 47 1/2 minute exposure taken with...
  18. LittleMike

    Sunrise at White Pockets, Arizona

    I had a rare opportunity to travel to White Pockets last weekend, and am finally getting a chance to go through the pictures. These were all shot between morning twighlight and shortly after sunrise. Once the sunlight actually started hitting the far butte, it was much more difficult to find the...
  19. LittleMike

    White Pockets, Arizona

    I'm still fairly new to B&W conversions, so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. These rock formations are naturally a dull grey, so it was hard to get much range out of the pictures. C&C Please! 1. 2. 3.
  20. LittleMike

    The Milky Way (Attempt)

    What was your focal length? That has a large role on how long of an exposure you can use without getting streaks. Just as an example, these were both 30 second exposures at 24mm (full-frame).