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  1. RDenhardt

    Full Frame worth it for me?

    Honestly, I hate these types of threads for the most part, but im trying to decide between upgrading to a D7200 or a D610. But I have been researching for the better part of 6 months to try and decided whether it is worth it for myself to go Full Frame. Im looking to upgrade from my D3200 as I...
  2. RDenhardt

    Missing the warm weather!

    This week has been finally cold here in the northeast and I keep going back to look at some of the things I shot over the summer. I miss it and cant wait for this coming year! DSC_2205 by Rob Denhardt, on Flickr dsc_1826_19080379185_o by Rob Denhardt, on Flickr DSC_1203 by Rob Denhardt, on Flickr
  3. RDenhardt

    Worked on some panning

    Was at the MX races at Unadilla up in new york this past weekend and decided to work on some panning shots, couldn't get much lower than 1/200th without still being able to get the rider nice and clear. I got a lot of good other photos just less focused on the panning and these were only the...
  4. RDenhardt

    Caught my eye

    Went riding last week and brought my camera like usual. Got a few images that I really enjoy. Nothing stunning about any of them but when I sent them to the people actually riding they were happy which is nice dsc_1793_18895637739_o by Rob Denhardt, on Flickr dsc_1820_18458070954_o by Rob...
  5. RDenhardt

    Abes of Maine?

    While browsing around, I found Abe's of Maine. They have great prices but it's confusing. They sell one as a factory fresh import for less than the full retail version they also sell? What is the difference. I will leave 2 links to show what I'm talking about. I just don't want to be lured in...
  6. RDenhardt

    Upgrade thoughts

    Hey guys! I am beginning to think about purchasing some new glass to with my D3200, at my current level I know that the camera is not what is holding me back and im fine with that, ive only been at this about 18 months. My problem is that I do plan to go full frame within the next 12 months...
  7. RDenhardt

    Unadilla MX 2014

    I saw a thread earlier showing off some motocross shots, and it gave me the itch to want to get out to the track and shoot. Cant do that with all this snow on the ground so ive decided to go through my gallery from last years race and pick 5 that I thought were my favorite. I ended up taking...
  8. RDenhardt

    Trying the fog

    Went out yesterday into my back yard swamp to explore with all the dense fog, thought I would be able to get something cool. Only was able to snap 23 photos before it started raining and I packed it in. This were my 2 favorites, any comments welcome... Wish the fog was a lot denser and the...
  9. RDenhardt

    General C&C

    Now I haven't seen a whole lot of stuff on here when I searched about what I mainly shoot, Motocross. There is a focus on artistic composition which I drastically need to improve my skills in. I would like to share 5 of my favorite images I have captured thus far and would love any input on...
  10. RDenhardt

    Newbie Here

    Whats up guys, new to the site but have been shooting for a little over a year. I shoot mostly sports like motocross and car racing events as well as other car shooting. Found this site as im looking to expand into other fields as well. Looking forward to learning and contributing as well as...