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  1. papatooth

    Selling Naneu Pro Adventure K5 Photo Hiking Backpack

    Selling Photo hiking backpack [/IMG]. Naneu Pro Adventure K5 Photo Hiking Backpack Fits Pro D-SLR with 4-5 Lens Kit. Padded 600D PU & N420D Rip-stop Interior Padding. Removable Camera Pod Removable Rain Cover. Built-in Tripod Carrying System. Adjustable Backpack Harness...
  2. papatooth


    Im trying to use canon digital photo professional to sharpen my images. It works in the program but when I go to view them in windows fax viewer they loss the sharpness I've added. Its driving me nuts any ideas. Could it be the viewer, the file format is .jpg I'm converting them to.
  3. papatooth


    Hi What other brands of teleconverters work well with Canon products. The canon 1.4 tele is around $300, I imagine that other companies make something that works well for a good price.
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    Has anybody used/bought the Canon 7D, any thoughts? Do you have the battery grip with it? does the grip make a difference? Have you shot anything that i can see on flickr? I have the Rebel T1I and I want better picture quality, To much noise in the rebel, it give my pictures a painted look...
  5. papatooth

    A little help with extenders.

    EF 2XII Extender, Extension Tube EF 25 II, EF 1.4X Extender, what is the difference between them? I just bought a 100-400 zoom and want to reach for the stars or at least bring 200 yrs closer.
  6. papatooth

    some help with 2 things

    how does the canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM work with a UV filter and a polarizer? If well, what polarizer should i look at purchasing. i dont want to spend a crazy amount but i want something decent enough. what should i be looking for when using an EF2XII extender with a EF 100-400mm...
  7. papatooth

    some expert advise is needed

    fellow motion stoppers, i would like some feedback about these 2 lens im thinking about buying. first the canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM. i'm big into landscapes, will this get me more of a wider scene without a lot of image bending at the edges? second the canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L...
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    sig line

    howdy, how do i create a signature line?:lmao:
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    friends forever

  10. papatooth

    inside the lens is filled with particles????

    Hi, this cant be good. how do i get the inside of my camera lens clean and how the heck did dirt and fine particles get in there?????? i never dropped it!!!??????:grumpy::(:confused:
  11. papatooth

    dont understand the terms

    Hi, how do i darken the sky in cs4 and keep the rest of the image the way it is. some of my photos are dark sky dark land, i would like them to be dark sky lightened up land. some are dark land light sky, i would like them to be darker crisper sky with the land staying the same.
  12. papatooth

    im sure its been asked but asking again

    howdy fellows, what is a good adobe program for working with my pictures. as of now i would like to lighten up certain areas and darken others (dodge and burn) also remove those pesky birds that just get in the darn middle of a great picture, and i would love to try out HDR it just looks so...
  13. papatooth

    this storm produced a tornado, but not by my apt.

    taken outside my window with a 18-55.
  14. papatooth

    what to do.

    anyone heard of this company Hartford Fine Art. this is what the guy told me about selling art, kind of vague. Hi name here, "You can send me jpegs via email, or a disk of imagery with sizes and prices. I work with many photographers and am always looking for some new imagery." i would...
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    small is good

    new section, new fun
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    good camera bag

    hi anyone know what a good camera and accessories hiking backpack would be? one that can handle say a day or 2 doing going back country camping. also what would be a good camera and gear backpack?
  17. papatooth

    new ? for the same problem: extreme highlights and shadows

    howdy all, does anyone know what the zone system is for black and white photography? i cant remember how it works.:confused::confused: could it work for color? i love shooting storm clouds and land, but its either one or the other comes out. i want both anyone have ideas?
  18. papatooth

    Torngat Mountains, Canada

    anyone ever seen them? how would one get to them. can you drive or is it only by boat or plane?