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  1. _rebecca_

    Baby's breath and roses.

    C and C welcome and appreciated. :)
  2. _rebecca_

    Guess what I got for Christmas...

    Finally, I own a working turntable again. :)
  3. _rebecca_

    Orchids C&C

    Once again, I bought myself flowers for the purpose of photographing them ;) It's turning into an expensive habit. I'd like some C&C on these, and specifically would like to know whether black and white is preferred over colour, and which black and white edit works best. Thanks!
  4. _rebecca_

    Some recent work.

    C&C always welcomed and appreciated. :) One of my favourites :) 1. This guy barely stood still for the whole shoot and definitely ended up making a mess of that tux lol 2. Every time the camera pointed at him, he made this grin. it's cute, but I wish it was more natural. Also, not happy...
  5. _rebecca_

    swept over

    A diptych I made a while back.
  6. _rebecca_


    My favourite flower. This one was cut and given to me by a cute boy next door. :)
  7. _rebecca_

    So I was bored this afternoon...

    And this is my bored face.
  8. _rebecca_

    Cupcakes and skateboard wheels.

    Photographing inanimate objects that don't have boogers, nap times, or tantrums is how I relax. :) Any C&C is welcome and appreciated. I'm interested in expanding to more commercial product type photography, but realise I have a LOT to learn. My personal critique of the skate wheel pictures is...
  9. _rebecca_

    A cold lake

    A cold lake on a hot summer day near Jasper National Park.
  10. _rebecca_

    Just Turned 1

    This little guy just turned one and his parents had me out to get his portraits done. We started out slow, he wasn't convinced he wanted to play with me at all! But he loosened up once we got outside and played in the grass. :) Any C&C is appreciated! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  11. _rebecca_

    kitchen stuff

    I needed pictures for my kitchen so I took a few. :)
  12. _rebecca_

    Yummmmm cupcakes!

    A friend of mine's daughter is turning 1 year old and we decided to celebrate a little early with cupcakes and a photo session. I decided to play around with a collage. C&C definitely welcome! :)
  13. _rebecca_

    delicious dessert

    Made these this afternoon with the help of a 5 year old who was more interested in sampling the ingredients than assembling "sheesh kabobs". Still, they got done, and they were quite delicious! I thought I'd attempt photographing a couple and see how I faired. Any thoughts, critiques, areas for...
  14. _rebecca_

    Missing The Sun

    Well, we're near the end of winter here and I am looking forward to sun and being outside. While going through and archiving some old client shots I came across this one from the beginning of the fall. I miss that sunshine! C&C more than welcome. I love this shot, but I am very bothered by the...
  15. _rebecca_

    cheeky little guy

    I did these 3 month old portraits recently for a client. I used all natural light in their living room and was just in love with the room in general. The light in there was fantastic, but unfortunately, they weren't to keen on letting me move in. :( This guy was so happy for the entire shoot...
  16. _rebecca_

    New here :)

    Hello everyone. :) I'm not really sure what to say in this post. I like cookies! And photography. The latter being the reason I am here (I haven't found the cookie enthusiast forum yet). I am a self-taught part-time portrait photographer with a love of still-life and macro photography on the...