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  1. JayJay65

    "A Way To Escape"

    Any feedback would be nice.. Im not used to B&W (just throwing it out there) ;) 1. A way to escape
  2. JayJay65

    Self Portrait

    Amazingly enough, (me being extremely non-photogenic) I actually came out pretty decent in this photo in my opinion.... What do you guys think? I was trying to create an "effect" with the darkness.. so please dont comment saying its too dark, lighten it.. :lol: Thanks! :mrgreen:
  3. JayJay65


    Ive found polarizers.. and I dont understand the differences in the polarizers.. such as linear polarizers, circular polarizers, warming polarizers.. whats the difference in all of these? and for which of my 3 lenses do you think a polarizer would be best for.. Zooming Lens: Sigma Zoom...
  4. JayJay65

    Landscape Lens vote

    I am about to make a choice on which lens im about to get, but I need a little help.. I narrowed it down to 2 choices.. Can you please vote which I should get and why? Thank you!! CHOICES: Camera 1 (link below) Sigma...
  5. JayJay65


    This makes me very furious.. For so long on flickr i have wanted people to post pictures of awards saying good job.. This person got many posted on his photo.. oh wait, its not his.. read this letter i had to send out to all the people who posted on "his" photo. ----- You posted a comment...
  6. JayJay65

    I must be delusional

    1. Not enough sleep Description: My shooting assignment for my photography class in the high school is "motion and blurr".. heres my [photo] response.
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    I was looking into Lensbabies and I was looking at photos (searched lensbabies in flickr) and it will make images such as this.. with this.. right? and also, how do I know if it can fit on my camera...
  8. JayJay65


    Title: Symbiodic Please critique!!
  9. JayJay65

    Wide Angle Lense help needed

    Hi, I have an Olympus E-510 I have a macro lense.. and a basic zooming lense.. I need a lense that I can take...
  10. JayJay65

    Sparrow close up

    I would like some advice on this photo that I took today.. Thanks
  11. JayJay65

    Faucet macro

    "Collision from the past" The mood I wanted to create was somewhat like "mysterious" and open your viewing on a simple sink faucet in a new, unique way.. What do you guys think?
  12. JayJay65

    Is this a Song Sparrow?

    Is this a Song Sparrow by any chance??
  13. JayJay65

    Flower bug? (macro)

    Does anyone know what kind of bug this is?
  14. JayJay65

    Macro setup Q

    Alright.. so heres what i did.. I ordered a macro lense from b&h: Sigma Telephoto 150mm f/2.8 EX APO Macro, also a UV filter (to protect it) and a warranty.. now heres the question part.. My friend explained what an extension tube is for my macro lense, but I um.. :confused: kinda forgot...
  15. JayJay65

    Pick 2 for gallery (opening)

    Hey, okay.. so I have a gallery opening tomorrow (monday nov 5th) and I dont know which 2 I should put in.. (i only have 2 more spots left).. please pick 2 and if you want, tell why.. thanks! :) Pic 1 - The Nature Effect Pic 2 - Free Pic 3 - Mysterious & Unkown Pic 4 - Hidden...
  16. JayJay65

    Found tick on me

    I was taking pictures in the woods, and without knowing, i crossed alot of branchy area, my friend got 5 ticks on him, i found 4 on me.. one was somewhat big (compared to most ticks) black, with a red dot on its back.. what kind of tick is this??
  17. JayJay65


    Okay.. so im ordering mats (10 11x14 mats, with 7.5x9.5 opening).. and i order them on 10/31 next day shipping.. but i (being new with debit cards) put my dads adress (ship to and bill to) with a debit card saying my moms adress (which should be on the bill to info) so the next day (yesterday...
  18. JayJay65

    Tripod Help

    Hey.. Im getting an Olympus E-510 (wooHoooo)... I need a tripod.. I want hieght!.. but I dont want weight.... I have back issues (curved spine) and so weight is an issue.. I want to spend hopefully 100$ most on this tripod... Any suggestions? (ive been searching B&H for about an hour so far...
  19. JayJay65

    CT Clubs

    Does anyone know of any photography clubs in Connecticut..?
  20. JayJay65

    Olympus E-510/410

    I have decided I want to get the Olympus E-410/510 instead of the Canon Rebel XTi.. But I dont understand the difference between the E-410 and the E-510.. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks, Jesse