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  1. firebird1984

    Grizzly Bear Aug. 21st 2009

    Here are some photos of a Grizzly bear encounter from one of my weekly excursions around Grand Teton National Park. C&C welcome. Brent McWhirter
  2. firebird1984

    Early morning Mtn. Dew

    Here is a shot from an alpine lake in Grand Teton National Park last week.
  3. firebird1984


    Took this a couple of mornings ago and did a little tweaking in PS. Thanks for looking and C&C welcome!
  4. firebird1984

    Bear and Wolf in Yellowstone

    Hello everybody! Here a a few shots from this past weekend in Yellowstone National Park. The Wolf was on top of Dunraven Pass on the eastern pert of the upper loop road. And the Wolf was at the junction of Tower Falls and Lamar Valley. C&C welcomed and encouraged!!! Brent McWhirter
  5. firebird1984

    Grand Teton

    Here is a shot from a hike I took last weekend. This is the Grand Teton taken from Blacktail Butte. I hiked from 6000 ft. to almost 9000 ft. and took this photo about half the way up. Thanks for looking C&C welcome and encouraged! Brent McWhirter
  6. firebird1984

    Snake River Outlook B&W

    This is the angle of the Teton Range in northwest Wyoming made famous by Ansel Adams titled The Tetons and the Snake River (1942). This photo was taken on May 1st, 2009 on the opening day of Grand Teton National Park. C&C welcomed and encouraged. Thanks, Brent McWhirter
  7. firebird1984

    HDR Stream

    This is one of my first tries at an HDR photo. Just got Photomatix Pro and went out this afternoon and shot this. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Brent McWhirter
  8. firebird1984

    Eagle vs. Osprey

    I was driving back to the office today from an assignment and decided to stop by the river. Not sure why I did but after standing there for 2-3 minutes this is what I saw. C&C welcome and encouraged.
  9. firebird1984

    Spring Snow

    Up here in Wyoming we don't celebrate Spring until about June. And here is proof why... Yesterday it was sunny and in the 50s, today when I woke up this is what I found on the trees by my house and it is still snowing as I type this. The mountains are supposed to get up to two feet of snow...
  10. firebird1984

    Playing around by bouncing flash.

    So a few weeks ago I was playing around with my new flash after dinner with one of my friends and came up with a few cool shots. Well I finally got around to editing them this week and had one that I really liked and this is it. Was kinda going for the 20s movie star glamour shot with this...
  11. firebird1984

    Wyoming Sunset

    Here are a few shots of the sunset from this last weekend. I did not adjust the color or saturation on these just did a bit of cropping on them except for the pano. I used 9 photos and stitched them together in PS. C&C welcome and appreciated. Brent McWhirter
  12. firebird1984

    Autumn Leaves

    Here are a couple of shots from the very short fall we had this year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. C&C welcomed and appreciated. Brent McWhirter
  13. firebird1984

    Dark Barn

    This is a photo that I took with the final and original for comparison. I did all editing in Lightroom 2 I adjusted the levels, blacks and colors and saturation. Let me know what you think.
  14. firebird1984

    Mule Deer photos

    Here are a few shots of a doe mule deer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming taken last weekend. I was hiking along a trail and this female was just standing a few feet away and wasn't bothered by my presence so I took a few shots and continued on my hike. Comments and feedback welcomed and encouraged...
  15. firebird1984

    Moose Photos from Wyoming

    I spent about six hours out in the field with this big bull moose last Saturday. This guy kept all the other smaller bulls away. Please leave comments and feedback. Brent McWhirter
  16. firebird1984

    Held Hostage by Moose

    So this morning I had a shoot at a gallery for a art magazine and when I arrived there two moose decided that I needed to wait to enter the gallery as they sat down between the parking lot and the door of the gallery. I had to wait for 20 mins in my car, ok not in my car but at least close...
  17. firebird1984

    A few shots in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    I went out on my day off and played around with some different angles and dof. It was mid afternoon and the light was pretty harsh but let me know what you think.
  18. firebird1984

    Horse Close-ups

    Just got my Canon 40 D on friday!!! Here are a few shots of a beautiful horse taken this weekend. Let me know what you think.
  19. firebird1984

    " Stomping the Divots" Charity Polo Game

    This is from a charity polo game in Jackson, Wyoming to support the Therapeutic Riding Association, a local non profit that benefits children and adults with disabilities by teaching them riding skills.
  20. firebird1984

    Nikon D70 S Kit with lens, memory card, pelican case and extras

    For Sale: Nikon D70 S camera with Nikkor 18-70 DX IF aspherical lens 3.5-4.5, circular polarizer and uv filter, 1 GB Compact Flash card, lens hood, battery and charger. Also includes Pelican hard case. Asking 700 OBO willing to ship to Cont. US.