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  1. Prophet

    FS: (US) EF 200 f2.8L

    Lens Model: Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L Mark II Lens Date Code if applicable: UTxxxx Lens Body Condition: Great condition. No marks. Lens Glass Condition: Clean glass: no scratches or fungus, some dust inside. Back element is clean and clear. Doesn't affect pictures at all. Sale Includes...
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    Aspiring Photographers Needed!

    Report this post, this is a scam. Be gone! -JD-
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    Canon 70-200 L USM with 2x Extender

    2x extenders won't work on f5.6 or slower lenses on crop bodies. 1.4x will work on F4. F8 doesn't allow enough light in for the autofocus system to work. It barely works on 1D 1.3x bodies. Supposedly only the center point will work for AF. I got a (enroute) 200 f2.8 prime that I'm wanting to...
  4. Prophet

    NAIA SAC Conference Baseball

    Just like I was told for my basketball work. Need to have the action from the front. Backs of peoples' heads are not very interesting. Good sharp stuff with good bokeh otherwise. Colors look good as well. -JD-
  5. Prophet

    Div. 3 NCAA Basketball Mens & Womens

    It was late and I had a lot of photo's to go through. I still think a few shots had a bit to much yellow hue and I didn't correct. All shots were with my 30D 1600 ISO f2.0 or f2.2 1/500 using 3400 Kelvin setting. This is my "Oh I wish..." shot. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. 8. More on my...
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    WTB: 200mm f2.8 Prime!

    Just like the title says, if you got one send me a PM. -JD-
  7. Prophet

    Canon Stuff! 70-200 F2.8L, BG-E4 and more to come!

    Post your prices. I've got a friend who may be interested. But again, depends on the price. Prices and pics always help. -JD-
  8. Prophet

    FS manfrotto Bogen Tripods and Heads

    What do you have left? Any heads? -JD-
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    Tamron vs. Canon f/2.8 zoom bokeh comparison

    Gotta say, its hard to tell at crop. But at 100% A does look a little different. Not sure which one I like, but if I had to pick A looks to be a little clearner for my taste, but it is VERY hard to pick! -JD-
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    Help. 30D AI Focus accuracy, its front focusing.

    I also have: +2 Sharpness +1 Saturation +1 Contrast -JD-
  11. Prophet

    Help. 30D AI Focus accuracy, its front focusing.

    The 1st photo I changed a lot of settings in photoshop. If you would like to see untouched photo's let me know. On my 30D I have custom function 4. Options are 1. AE Lock/AF 2.AF/AF lock, no AE Lock 3. AE/AF, no AE lock 0. AF/AE lock. I have it set to 3. -JD-
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    Help. 30D AI Focus accuracy, its front focusing.

    Yeah someone mentioned that on I think that may be the fix. I can't wait to find out. -JD-
  13. Prophet

    I loved the Canon 24-70 f/2.8, but....

    I bought the 17-40 L obviously and the choice was between it and the Tamron 17-50mm f2.8. I've seen tests where the Tamron did better than the Canon. But I don't like to buy APS-C only lenses. The tamron is obvously cheaper. I believe it can be had for less than $400 new. -JD-
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    Help. 30D AI Focus accuracy, its front focusing.

    I've done some testing and I know the AF on single shot is pretty dead nuts on. Maybe I need some handling tips on how to shoot in AI Servo mode. I'm just trying to be as smooth as possible with my panning. But I still can't get out of my mind when I'm steady and the subject is steady and the AI...
  15. Prophet

    Help. 30D AI Focus accuracy, its front focusing.

    What I was doing was trying to focus lock on the subect (half pushed shutter release) then as he was moving on the court I would track and then pull the trigger to capture the shots. I was watching the view find and I would notice that if the object was static, the focus would "pop" in and out...
  16. Prophet

    Help. 30D AI Focus accuracy, its front focusing.

    Last night I was shooting my first basketball game in years. I was using my 30D 85mm f1.8. Shooting either ISO800 or 1600. Shooting between f/2.8 and f/4 at 1/250 or 1/320 I believe. Well when I went to proof (when I got home) the photo and even while I was test shooting (before the game) I...
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    beach model (NSFW)

    In the shirtless one where she's covering her breasts, what do you think of using some soft focus? -JD-
  18. Prophet

    Thanks Govenment! [tripod][lighting kit]

    Not to mention... its money YOU gave the gobament interest free. -JD-
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    From the shore of Disney Beach Club Resort

    OH WOW! I'm speechless. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST PHOTOGRAPH I'VE SEEN IN DECADES! What was your inspiration. You deserve a pul...... oh wait, what am I looking at? -JD-
  20. Prophet

    Fashion photography, need a lens to compliment 50mm prime - Rent Canon, Nikon, Olympus, or Sony Lenses and Cameras Good reviews on that site for all glass they own. I've not used them yet....... -JD-