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  1. Allenc873

    Lens Mount ?

    Thanks.. ya I think it is
  2. Allenc873

    Lens Mount ?

    Hi guys, I just bought a Vivitar 55mm 2.8 macro lens. But I dont know what mount I need to buy does anyone know ? Thanks
  3. Allenc873

    WANTED vivitar 55mm f2.8 macro

    Hi, Is anyone selling vivitar 55mm f2.8 macro ? Im looking for a good cheap old macro lens to get me started in that area :) thanks
  4. Allenc873


    Recent photoshoot C&C welcome :) 65mm f/7.1 1/125 sec ISO 250 chanel coco mademoiselle by Allen Cheshire, on Flickr
  5. Allenc873

    Post a picture of yourself

    Me by Allen Cheshire, on Flickr
  6. Allenc873

    Please critique my portfolio! :-)

    I think they are both great.. love your images. the picture of the landscape with the boat and lake is a different colour than the one in the portfolio I prefer the more muted tones
  7. Allenc873

    My first focus stacking attempt

    For the second image you need to soften the light more so it makes a nice gradient on the metal and not a hot spot, and you need a light shining on the crystals to get a nice sparkle
  8. Allenc873

    Cute, cute, more cute and even more cute...

    Great images and 15 dollars is a bargain
  9. Allenc873

    One from tonight

    I think its a beautiful image, it would have been better if you had a tripod but I still really like it. is the horizon straight ? looks like it is tilting to the right a bit. and the second image is much better
  10. Allenc873

    eye Self portrait C&C welcome

    I like the second edit you did, did u just soften the skin ? what did u use ?
  11. Allenc873

    eye Self portrait C&C welcome

    To each their own, I understand telling children that as they would have dirty hands but as adults you would hope they have good hygiene lol
  12. Allenc873

    eye Self portrait C&C welcome

    When I post images online I use save for web exif doesn't show I use JPEG for print, ya this is Canon EOS 60D
  13. Allenc873

    eye Self portrait C&C welcome

    I think I was looking at the viewfinder
  14. Allenc873

    eye Self portrait C&C welcome

    Thanks guys this is it changed. Nail-red-edit by Allen Cheshire, on Flickr
  15. Allenc873

    eye Self portrait C&C welcome

    Self portraits are always difficult especially when you have to use your hands to pose and use a timer. Taken with my trusty 15-85mm at 85mm :) self portrait by Allen Cheshire, on Flickr
  16. Allenc873

    Long Exposure

    Stunning !
  17. Allenc873

    How do these look?

    does she look green lol i need to calibrate my screen..
  18. Allenc873

    Alex II - Portrait of an Adonis

    .... Gorg ! :lovestruck::pumpformylove: and great image :)
  19. Allenc873

    learning men/Updated OP

    I think number 1 would be better if it was flipped to the other side.. and im living for the 3rd image !! love it.. my screen needs colour calibrating so it might be why skin tones are looking very pinkish.. but did quick edit with curves adding more yellow.. clone the collar so its not tucked...
  20. Allenc873

    How do these look?

    I think the two with the brick wall the skin is a little pink/red so just use a curves adjustment for quick fix :)