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  1. murlis

    Febuary Photo Challenge

    Seeing the distinct lack of photo challenges I thought I'd make up one if people wanted, just a simple one with not as much complex rules as the usual... Feel free to overrule this and ignore me by all means but where is the fun in that ^_^ Your theme is... HISTORY! PM your pictures to me and...
  2. murlis

    What do you guys think of my camera collection? ^_^

    And bonus Kudos for anyone that can name all the models :D I'll post a bigger image once someone gets them all :)
  3. murlis


    Are there any new challenges in here? they all seem so old :P
  4. murlis

    Hello photographers ^_^

    I'm a photography student from Weston-super-Mare, I collect cameras and take a lot of photos, with different and usually unusual formats :) here are my cameras ^_^ and some of my photos are at Flickr: murlis' Photostream Any comments and criticism would be welcome :) Tom.
  5. murlis

    hey there

    hey i'm from the UK (Weston Super Mare) my names tom, im 15, i joined because i'm into photography and my 450D arrived last monday :D look at some of my pics on my Flickr page to see what kindof stuff i do, Ty for reading!