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  1. Robin_Usagani

    George Costanza

    Every year, my buddy Jonathan always creates a funny Christmas card. This year he wanted to be George Costanza. The problem is, Jonathan is skinny, tall and has a full set of hair. A little photoshop magic will do it! (plus stuffed shirt) A donation has been made in your name to the Human...
  2. Robin_Usagani

    Three cool photography products coming in 2014

    [removed, sorry - seems logical to me that you should be able to post things like this, but blatantly defying the rules is not the way to go about it -manaheim] Now due to TPF rules, a MOD will probably remove these links because they are crowd funding links. Mod, if you remove it, please ban...
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    Model shoot in my home studio

  4. Robin_Usagani

    2014 WPPI

    Who is going to be there? I will be there on March 1-6. I will stay at the MGM casino hotel (not signature tower). Wedding Photography Association | WPPI
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    Yee haw!

  7. Robin_Usagani

    Mary and Adam

  8. Robin_Usagani

    Alison and Kyle wedding

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    Something new

    What do you think of this shot?
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    Overexposed - Underexposed - Monitor callibration

    Ever since I started shooting, I had never calibrated my monitor until recently. I always try to set my monitor close to my iphone and ipad. That seems to do the trick. I am not as concern about the color as much as the brightness/exposure. It always drives me nuts when I cc someone work and...
  11. Robin_Usagani

    Miss A (nsfw)

    She is kind enough to let me share some photos. Unfortunately not the ones I really love. One for now.. will post more later.
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    Latest family photo

  13. Robin_Usagani

    Beautiful bride.. oh so beautiful

    ooopss... wrong file. Let's try this again.
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    Shooting a newborn isnt really my specialty.. but I will do it.
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    corporate shot

    Same lawfirm, new attorneys..
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    Experimenting with slideshow

    I have been experimenting with slideshow. I plan to take more videos to add to the slideshow. I will eventually add this to products the bride and groom can add. Let me know what you think.
  18. Robin_Usagani

    Mountain top wedding

  19. Robin_Usagani

    TPF fights

    So you probably have noticed that I fight with derrel a lot here. So we started a friendly conversation.. It was kinda like a peace talk. [/URL] Then we decided to settle our differences with a game of thumb wrestling. Rotanimod was the ref. [/URL] Then a fight broke off [/URL] The end...
  20. Robin_Usagani

    Girl trouble

    she is fast