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  1. Bukitimah

    General nature shots

  2. Bukitimah

    No law

    If it is too hot, use an umbrella. Cops, it is OK, no problem.
  3. Bukitimah

    Some wild life

    This one is a footballer :lol:
  4. Bukitimah

    Thailand landscape

  5. Bukitimah

    some birds

  6. Bukitimah

    Some birds

  7. Bukitimah

    Some nature shots

  8. Bukitimah

    Shot of a model

    C C most welcomed
  9. Bukitimah

    Pretty girls

  10. Bukitimah

    Filter and converter

    Hi, I have been reading reviews on filters and converters. Most would go for the straight answer by advising that you buy the macro lens, tele lens or wide angle lens instead of converters/filters. While I fully agree that the specific lens is designed to do that job, are filters and...
  11. Bukitimah

    some macro fun

  12. Bukitimah

    cosplay shots

  13. Bukitimah

    Motor Karting

  14. Bukitimah

    Vitaman wide angle converter

    Recently, I came across this wide angle converter. A pre-owned unit cost around USD 70 against a Tokina USD 700. I saw a shot taken but couldn't tell if it is a big difference. Obviously, I cannot expect a same result with a fraction of the cost. More importantly, I just want to know if it is...
  15. Bukitimah

    A lazy Sunday morning

  16. Bukitimah

    Napping time!

  17. Bukitimah

    Pretty little girl from Vietnam

    I saw her when I visit Vietnam and was travelling along the Mekong River. Isn't she sweet?
  18. Bukitimah

    Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

  19. Bukitimah

    Cosfest in Singapore