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  1. Sebastian


    This is my grandma, she is 78 years old and myself. My grandma likes to ride with me, so we did :D
  2. Sebastian

    My new ride

    No special phototechnique or something like that... I`m just happy to show you my new bike ;)
  3. Sebastian

    my last work

    How do you like this pictures! C&C are welcome!!! 01 02 03 04 Thanks for watching
  4. Sebastian

    3 of my last job

    They are not so special, but I hope youll like them anyhow. C&C are welcome :mrgreen:
  5. Sebastian

    Children in a bag...

    These are a few pictures from my shooting this weekend. C&C are welcome :mrgreen: 01 02 03 04
  6. Sebastian

    One coke please

    Here is my first picture. Hope you`ll like it... It`s made with the 105 macro from Sigma. P.S. I have also Sprite and Fanta on my bar :sexywink:
  7. Sebastian

    Hello from Germany

    Hello my name is Sebastian. I`m living in Hannover, Germany. I already use to photograph since a few years. Portrait photograph ist my favorite style. I`m a member in some German forums, but now I like to go international. I`m verry enquiring of your comments to my pictures. My second hobby...