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  1. salleh

    might be boring..but take a look!

    THAT! is not boring...its pure WHOA...
  2. salleh

    my Kittens

    Its a sudden surprise to see the Kittens I'm raising playing around. Saw this small guy went into my shoe after pulling my socks. They are 4 weeks old. After some time playing then it fell asleep. 1)Playing 2)Getting sleepy 3)Sleeping 4)Brothers joined in C&C welcome.
  3. salleh

    My Macro shots of nature...

    Thanks John. I'm using the Prosumer FZ18 but when I used the adapter ring and the +4 Hoya Macro Filter, the image seems SOFT. I'm still a newbie in these so wanna know if there is any way to make it sharp? some of them I did processed using photoshop. No.5 pic background is B/W tinted. :)
  4. salleh


    I also did take a pic of the moon using my prosumer. It came out cool but then the further I zoom the lower the megapixels tend to degrade. so in the end...pixelated! argh. Anyways...i love the moon shot you did. plus the rest of you guys too. :)
  5. salleh

    Test new Lens

    I like number 2. thats a really great shot. Like amidst the urbanicity, there's still a little nature.
  6. salleh

    My Macro shots of nature...

    Thanks guys! :)
  7. salleh

    Coming of dusk

    Thanks! to notorious, Thanks. Yeah the black foreground just a liittle too much ya? maybe I should do that. :)
  8. salleh

    My Macro shots of nature...

    here is some of the picture taken. 1) 2) 4) 5) 6) C&C welcome
  9. salleh

    Coming of dusk

    its been a while! haha. here is some of the pics i've taken quite recently at Upper Seletar Reservoir in Singapore. :mrgreen: 1) 2) 3) C&C welcome. :lol:
  10. salleh


    The rain & thunder awaken him from his blackout. With a blurry vision he look out from a far... "Where am I?" he muttered. He tried taking it as a bad dream but he knew...that the plane crash wasn't some nightmare that came from every dark movie. It was TRUE and the obvious truth lies in front...
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    It looks dangerous but Awesome!
  12. salleh


    Nice shot!
  13. salleh

    From Dusk till Dawn

    Thanks :mrgreen: well the 2nd n 3rd pic i wanted to take the picture of the sun in the middle. next time i will keep note of wat u said. will try to position the sun somewhere else. Thanks :mrgreen:
  14. salleh

    From Dusk till Dawn

    Went boat fishing with my frens and took some pictures. Here is some of the pics I took. Lumix FX9 When dusk came The break of dawn Enjoy :)
  15. salleh

    Droplets of Rain

    Thanks :)
  16. salleh

    Droplets of Rain

    Thanks guys. I used the sunset as the lighting for the 1 & 2. the 3rd I love how the droplets lined together. :)
  17. salleh

    Droplets of Rain

    Taken at my workplace garden. Enjoy.. :mrgreen:
  18. salleh

    My outing taking pics.

    Haha..thanks guys. yeah, the spider pic is really scary. I got the shivers taking it. :P
  19. salleh

    Hello! New here...

    All I can say is :hail:
  20. salleh

    My outing taking pics.

    is some of the pics ok?