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    WTB: Sigma 30mm f1.4 Canon mount

    Hi all I am looking for a Sigma 30mm f1.4 Canon mount. Looking for good to excellent condition. PM or email me with price, condition, age, and whats included. Located in Canada would be a bonus, but anywhere in North America is good. Cheers CP
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    Macro shot for 1000th post

    Hi all I figured since this will be my 100th post I should post a pic! This is just a quick one, but let me know what you think. I cropped it a bit, but still don't hink it is quite right. Cheers
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    Some birds

    Here are a few bird pics from today! C&C welcome! 1) Canada Goose 2) Male Malard Duck 3) Gull 4) Gull in Flight Enjoy!
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    FS/FT: Canon lenses, a tripod & camera bag

    Time to sell some stuff I am not using a lot to fund a new lense! 1) Canon EF 28-135 f3.5-5.6 IS c/w Canon lense hood & Tiffen UV filter, lense caps, and boxes and instructions. Lense is in as new condtion, hood has a few typical rub marks on it. $350 cdn. SOLD 2) Tamron 70-300 f4-5...
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    Problem with shutter maybe?

    I have had some weird pics out of my camera periodically. Below are a couple examples. I can assure you that there is nothing blocking the lense and the flashes went off. I am at a loss as to the problem. PLease help me figure this one out! This was shot using the Canon 100mm macro...
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    Water Drops.....1st try

    All right, I have seen so many great water drop shots over the last year I finally had to try it myself! After lot of shots these are my favorite 2. Not as sharp as I had hoped, but reasonable on a small web size photo. Let me kow what you think! Cheers
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    Cactus trigger mod comment

    Hey all I recently did the mod to my cactus trigger that JerryPH did and I thought I would post my experience with it. At first it sucked!!! The range on the unit went down to inches and I was very disappointed. I was thinking of ordering another trigger, thinking I had pooched mine...
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    Softening light with umbrella & softbox?

    I was wondering if I will gain much in the way of softer light by shooting through my umbrella with a lumiquest soft box on the flash? In Theory I think I will, but I'm sure someone can tell me for sure. Cheers
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    Experience with 540EZ & Cactus V2?

    I just got a Canon 540EZ off flea-bay and I want to use it with my Cactus V2 receiver. Does anyone have experience with this particular combo? I seem to get about 75% of the flash going off when called for. The light blinks on the receiver when triggering it, but no flash. Figured I would...
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    Lighting books??

    Hi all I want to learn more about lighting and I would like to buy a book for it. I am new to the whole lighting thing, and I will be working with 2 speedlights. Can you refer me to a good book for lighting that covers things like light location, backgrounds, etc? I have checked out the...
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    Print head dirty each time

    I have an Epson R800 printer and I don't use it regularly. I am quite choosey about what photos I print so teh printer will sometimes sit for a month or more between print sessions. The trouble I am having is that each time I use the rpinter it seems I have to run the head cleaning utility...
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    Question about old Vivitar Flash

    Hi all! I have resurected an old Vivitar 2800 flash from my parents old camera kit. I am hoping to use it on a light stand with an umbrella. Can anyone tell me if it is worth while to use this flash? The manual says it has a PC port, but it is not the style I have seen. It looks like it...
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    A Light House

    Hi All Was on the east coast of Canada last weekend, Halifax and Peggy's Cove to be specific, and took some shots. Here is the first one I have had a chance to give a quick process to. The sky just would not cooperate and give me some blue sky with fluffy clouds :grumpy:. Let me know what...
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    Getting your tripod really wet??

    I have been thinking about using my tripod in some wet and snowy conditions. What do you think about putting your tripod legs right into a creek or snow? I wouldn't put the joints into the mud, but they would be in the water or snow. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. Cheers :D
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    Bird shots from the zoo

    Here are some pics of a bird from the Melbourne Zoo. I'm not sure of the bird name, but i suspect a King Fisher, or something similar. The sun was brutally harsh but I did the best I could. Let me know what you think. Cheers
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    Water skiing first try

    I finally got around to processing a couple shots from Canadian Thanksgiving! These were shot from the boat using a 70-200 f4 L We were skiing on the Gatineau river and had a blast!! These two are my favorite shots. Let me know what you think! Cheers
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    A Bee & a Flower

    Oops Double post!
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    A Bee & a Flower

    Here is the bee Here is the bee after finishing with the pollen Just the flower. (thought it was knid of neat looking!) C&C apreciated! Cheers
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    Snail & a leaf

    Just like the title says!! Let me know what you think. Cheers
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    Anyone use Induro tripods?

    Its time for a decent tripod for me!! I am considering buying an AX 214 leg set from Induro. The 214 should be lots strong enough for what I have now, and what I hope to have in the future. Currently: Canon Rebel Xt with...