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    The Showroom

    its been a while.. just want to share this, its pretty much abundant here where you see coffin on display especially on the roadside of provinces. thanks for looking..
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    Mother & Child

    thank for your comments.. i'll reedit it when i'm off from work :)
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    Mother & Child

    My wife & my 2mos. old daughter :) C & Cs are welcome.. Thanks for having a peek..
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    i love honda

    trying out car photography.. messed up w/ WB, i just adjusted it w/ the color balance.. C&C is greatly appreciated.. thanks for viewing..
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    Walk in the woods

    ooppssss.. wrong post, sorry..
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    the S2K shots stands out for me.. BTW the sun on the watermark reminds me pinoy's national flag.
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    On My Way Home

    heading home, it was raining hard. saw this tree alone on the rice field, grab my camera & took a shot over my car's window... thanks for having a peek..
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    M first HDR

    whoah.. are sure that this is your first HDR? what software did you use?
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    The Way She Stare

    an old shot l& reedit, took it inside our room using the light from the window.. thanks for dropping by..
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    Car Photography...

    JDM Yo! nice series.. drooling on that white dc5
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    my wife is 7 months pregnant.. we have decided to name our baby Samara.. took a long exp. shot. & using blue LED light to wright down SAM. thanks for viewing..
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    Hold Your Face

    got nothing to do, just flashed in my mind, it been a while since the last time i put my finger on the shutter button. i still dont have much time to shoot & edit. Thanks for viewing...
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    awesome shots.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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    I got her kitchen knife

    thanks.. :)
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    WOW!! that's awesome.. love the p&p..
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    I got her kitchen knife

    a sort of continuation of the other kitchen knife thread.. thanks for looking..
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    wow! too beautiful for a darkside..
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    Texas Madman

    very effective lighting! it looks so real...
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    Sunset Skate Session

    digging some photos from the archive huh? still nice to see it again though..
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    Motorcycles (Mostly MX)

    i really like the 5th shot.. but you cropped much tighter, he will look like he jumped so high..