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  1. _rebecca_

    Christmas Portraits, a little late.

    These are cute!! The only thing that stands out to me is the white balance. It seems pretty cool in both photos and is making their skin look off, as well as the colours in their outfits. Having said that, the second picture is a great capture. I love her pose and the expression you caught. :)
  2. _rebecca_

    Baby's breath and roses.

    Thanks everyone! The first was a clear favourite for me, as well. And wow! Thank you, Derrel. I really appreciate the well thought out and informative critique. I'll have to try to remember all that when I am shooting next. :) Flowers are among my favourite subjects. With regard to the first...
  3. _rebecca_

    Baby's breath and roses.

    C and C welcome and appreciated. :)
  4. _rebecca_

    Guess what I got for Christmas...

    Thanks! And yeah it is an awesome gift. :) Its a USB converting turntable so now I can get a lot of my favourites that are on vinyl into mp3 and have them with me everywhere! I'll still prefer them on vinyl, but I can't use a record player in my car :P
  5. _rebecca_

    Guess what I got for Christmas...

    Finally, I own a working turntable again. :)
  6. _rebecca_

    Pick a Favorite Photo from the Person above You

    Oh! It was there, just on the last page. :) Flickr: _rebecca_'s Photostream there it is again! I picked this from your gallery. I like the blue of the sky and the white of the buildings, and I love the sense of scale one gets from seeing the buildings and the cars at the foot of them.
  7. _rebecca_

    Pick a Favorite Photo from the Person above You

    Doh! I got missed! :P
  8. _rebecca_

    Pick a Favorite Photo from the Person above You

    I tried that and it gave me as the url lol
  9. _rebecca_

    Pick a Favorite Photo from the Person above You

    Ooh, fun! For some reason I can't get the pic to post here. The link is cityhallfront on Flickr - Photo Sharing! I am a fan of buildings, particularly older ones. I love the light in this photo, the symmetry, and the ice dripping off the steps. :) My flickr is here!
  10. _rebecca_

    A couple of orchids at work.

    Flickr: Flowers on Black Just black for a background is a pretty standard method of isolating a subject in a photo. And it's particularly popular in flower shots. Just sayin'. The first shot doesn't work for me for all reasons mentioned above. I'm also not sure about the bit of orange on the...
  11. _rebecca_

    Orchids C&C

    Thanks for the detailed critique. :) I agree about the saturation in #1. I think I will revisit this one and edit another colour version that doesn't overdo it. The saturation was done in post. I do tend to go overboard. :) Re: the background. That background is my bedsheets hauled off the...
  12. _rebecca_

    Post a picture of yourself

    Another ridiculous self-portrait outtake. I could probably fill a hard drive with these.
  13. _rebecca_

    Orchids C&C

    lol seems colour is winning! This is one where I just really was not sure. I like the colours, the pink and brown compliment each other nicely. But I also like how the black and white brings more attention to the details in the flowers themselves. Their curves and shapes.
  14. _rebecca_

    Orchids C&C

    Once again, I bought myself flowers for the purpose of photographing them ;) It's turning into an expensive habit. I'd like some C&C on these, and specifically would like to know whether black and white is preferred over colour, and which black and white edit works best. Thanks!
  15. _rebecca_

    A Question...

    1) Confidence. I lack it! I am never 100% sure that I even know what I'm doing, and often my lack of confidence leads me to take the easy, less creative route during a shoot for fear that deviating at all will lead to no results. 2) Technical knowledge. I am self taught, as it seems most...
  16. _rebecca_

    Senior portrait shoot C&C welcome

    Your profile says you don't mind edits so I picked a favourite of these and played with it. I hope you don't mind. If there's any problem just let me know and I'll remove it. To illustrate that the underexposure and sharpness are the main problems, I took this photo to PS and adjusted curves...
  17. _rebecca_

    Tips on How to Practice for Band shots?

    Awww, why not? :P I've shot a few shows, always with my Canon 30D and 50mm. Granted, it's not 5000$ worth of equipment, but it's not the cheapest equipment either and to me it's a huge investment. It was well worth it! The best shots come from up close and personal, and in the #$@& as they say...
  18. _rebecca_

    Indoor Picture C&C Welcome

    It would probably be easier to critique this photo if I had an idea of what you were going for when you shot it? There doesn't seem to be any point to it. Is it an interior shot meant to show the bathroom? Is it a self portrait? Were you just experimenting with available light? What was your...
  19. _rebecca_

    Portrait...of sorts.....

    I find the skin softening too much, they look like ken and barbie ;) I also think having them looking at you rather than off to some other camera would have been an improvement. I don't find the background that distracting, but I agree shooting more head on would probably have eliminated any...
  20. _rebecca_

    Some recent work.

    Yeah, I opened the photo up in PS and removed the shadow. It didn't look right at all, so the shadow is back! lol You have a point, and have made me consider just how much "fixing" a photo needs sometimes. Thanks, I'm glad you liked the kids shots. :) That is what I normally shoot, so I am...