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  1. UUilliam

    Megan - A gift! Also, I'm BACK!

    Hey TPF, I've been inactive for quite some time now! I hope to make a more regular appearance on the scene again. Let's start off with this photograph: Better quality and a Story here: Megan | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  2. UUilliam

    Sling type bags???????????

    I'm in the market for a new bag... I have used the slingshot AW 300 but was wondering, is there any other sling-type bags? I am open to over the shoulder bags too. requirements? fit: 2x Cameras (1 with lens attatched) 4-6x lenses Extra space for more accessories. plan on getting a 70-200mm...
  3. UUilliam

    Stage names for photographers

    Does anyone else feel their name makes for a rubbish title? Mines is William Campbell, or William Campbell Photography / WCP They all sound quite crap. I don't even have an interesting middle name like Rankin. So what do you think about using a stage name as a photographer? I'm using this to...
  4. UUilliam

    2 nightclub shots

    Just posting to let everyone know I'm still alive :) Let me know what you think =]
  5. UUilliam

    Inspired by Rankin - V for Victory

    My first time setting up a portrait session. Made a mess of the room, took us 2 hours to clean it up but I feel we got some good images. Unfortunately, no-one quite mastered how to throw the paint like I did so never got what I was looking for. If like rankin I had a radio trigger and stuff, I...
  6. UUilliam

    Simply lost motivation

    I am studying photography in college but... I have lost all motivation. I do not even care if I pass or fail... I have spent the last year "learning" stuff I already knew. the ONLY thing I learned was dark room (12 week course). I also got to use the studio to build a portfolio of portraits, but...
  7. UUilliam

    Nightclub photography

    I recently spoke to a photography company that deals with nightclub photography, I had my first "trial" run on thursday. Here is some of the images. (Keeping in mind this is my VERY first time EVER photographing in a nightclub or with a portable flash!) I feel the results were quite good! Please...
  8. UUilliam

    Still life - Strawberrys YUM

    As part of my College course, we have to take still life images, one of the briefs was "fruit". So here is my fruit image! 1. 2. Which of the 2 do you like most? Also, I love the new website design, I logged on and was like, "Wait, is this the right website?" Updated images to use...
  9. UUilliam

    3 Still life macro.

    In college, we are doing still life. While doing my still life, I decided to use some macro (using macro extension tubes I got for £5 with my 85mm lens.) I won't give away what it is just yet (not that it is too hard.) but I am thinking of submitting it into the photography Exhibition. I just...
  10. UUilliam

    DPI does not matter?

    Okay, here is the thing! Today, In college we were to write an outcome on the correct DPI for print and web. I already know it is 300 and 72 but decided to do a little research, I found a website that stated the DPI simply does not matter, when on screen atleast. To test this theory, I changed...
  11. UUilliam

    finally! A Portrait shoot!

    Finally, After only about 2 years I FINALLY got to experience / see a portrait shoot!! It is everything I hoped for and more! Here are the shots! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 My favourite is #5 however, If the last one had more light on her left cheek...
  12. UUilliam

    Feel like crap?

    "Walking home from college on monday, The snow was fairly heavy, traffic was terrible, people were stuck, people had to walk home, transport was at its worst in a long time, cars left abandoned at the side of the streets. Slippery sidewalks, snow continually falling. Something that looks so...
  13. UUilliam

    Over the edge

  14. UUilliam

    Inspired by Ansel Adams

  15. UUilliam

    Portrait of Mother (nature.)

  16. UUilliam

    Rays over the water

  17. UUilliam

    Bein Ghlas

  18. UUilliam

    Tranquil Water

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