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  1. srobb

    Naked ladies by the fence

    Hey, I bet that got your attention. :lol: :lol: Well. that is what they are called.
  2. srobb

    Now have my first site

    Much thanks to Ben, (majicmonkey) and his offer to those of us on here that would like to have a website to promote our photography. It is very basic, but since I am still trying to tweak it some, I would love to have some c&c on it. For anyone that would like to, I would be happy to link sites...
  3. srobb

    Yesteryear...scenes from the past

    I can only imagin what life would have been like in those days.
  4. srobb

    Need some input for a show

    Next month I will have my first chance to do a show at a local festival at a state park. I wanted to get some input from the great people here on what they think of some of my possible selections for this show. I am doing it as a poll so I can have a pretty good idea on how certain images stack...
  5. srobb

    Looking up

    Just wanted to get some c&c on this shot. I am hoping to use this as a featured print next month at a festival. This was shot with my Canon EOS Rebel GII, with a 35-80 lens and shot on Kodak Pro 400 b&w film.
  6. srobb

    Vibrant sunrise

    I took this one morning on my way to work. I had been shooting it with film, but it was not as good as this looks. Then I slipped in my first roll of Velvia 100F slide film and this is what I got.
  7. srobb

    Hi from the land of fast horses and good whiskey

    I have been a couple of days and looking around, putting up pics in the theme threads and just seeing what the forum is like. So far I like what I see. I feel at home in a way as I see some familiar names from at least one other forum I am on. Now in case you could not figure it out, I am from...
  8. srobb

    My first day and I am diving in, please don't hold back

    I am not necessarily new to photography; just finally getting back into it after a very long hiatus. Got this shot at the Louisville Zoo this past weekend. Everyone seems to really like it, but then, as I tell them, they are biased. I want to know what folks that know photography, but don't...