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    Descriptive terms - brainstorming a domain name

    Hi everyone I am still trying to think of a domain name. I think most likely my business name would a takeoff on my own name, but for the domain name I'd like to get a little creative. I don't want to come up with anything too limiting, because I may branch out one day. (i.e. no "Weddings...
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    Online request for a photo - price and parameters?

    Hi everyone I got a flickr-mail from a guy (musician/composer) this week (and a second, more urgent follow up last night) asking me if he could use my below photo for the cover art for a choral piece that he will be self-publishing. Not sure if that means "online" or a CD cover, or what...
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    Picasa versus Lightroom

    Hello Hear me out - don't laugh! So far, I've only ever used Picasa. I haven't learned how to use Photoshop Elements despite having bought the software - still in the box. A friend of mine is urging me to get Lightroom because it's so easy, he said. He mentioned it is really similar to...
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    Model releases for a work-calendar

    Hi everyone I am tasked to set up a photo contest at work, and the winners will be in our 2010 calendar (yes, we are starting early). I am hung up on the model release. Initially we were just going to say "no people in photos" to get past that, but then you leave out a lot of creativity...
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    How to spend 500 bucks

    I won the Circle of Excellence at work! And in addition to the honor they gave me a 500 dollar Amex gift card. I've already got 3 spiffy lenses (35mm, 24-105, 100mm), a nice tripod, a new computer... no lighting, no training, etc. What would you spend it on? I'm not sure if I can use it...
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    Calendar Photo contest for work - rules?

    Hi everyone I volunteered to create a contest for my workplace. We are going to make a calendar for 2009 using photos by employees. This entails a photo contest - one wherein the submittees submit their photo-files to a central point (someone's email address) and the winners are selected by...
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    Photography workshops/classes in France

    Hello everyone I'm pondering about what I'd like to do next summer - a mission if you will. I've long wanted to spend some time in Provence during prime lavender and sunflower season. I then thought, well, why not combine this with having a tutor/taking some photo classes while I am there...
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    My first-ever photo competition

    Hi everyone! I just got home from my first ever entry to a photo competition. I joined a photo club in February and haven't been able to get my act together in time for the competitions. I finally got the below photo matted: Since this was the...
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    laptops versus desktops (also monitor Q)

    Not sure if this is the best forum for this question... Do most of you use desktops for your photography? Or are laptops just fine for what you do? I have a nice laptop that is three years old. It is nearly full - but it also occurred to me that a three year old laptop is going to be slow...
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    Using Auto-Focus at night..

    Hi everyone I just got back from a great trip to Europe with my Mom. I lugged along my new spiffy (and thankfully, ultralight) tripod.. and took it out exactly once. I can't say I am entirely happy with the results, and mostly because of the focus. How can you auto-focus at night time (or...
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    Do you pack your tripod?

    Sigh. I bought a really nice, lightweight travel tripod (Gitzo). I'm heading to Europe with my Mom for 16 nights and I'm finding I'm really running out of room with TWO suitcases (one 18 inch carryon, one 22 inch...). Even though I bought this specifically for traveling, I'm debating if I...
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    shutterfly versus smugmug versus imagekind

    Hello everyone Which of the above would you prefer to use to sell your photos? What are your experiences? thanks!
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    Which do you like better?

    This one (I hit "I'm feeling lucky" on Picasa): or this one (plain): or do you think somewhere in the middle would be better? The top one pops out more, but it also seems cold... Thanks for looking!
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    cool accessories you didn't know you needed

    Until you got them... Ace Camera in Loudoun is having a big sale. I want to stock up on a few things. I already bought a Gitzo tripod (80 bucks off!) and some extra CF cards (Extreme III) for a sale price plus an extra rebate... and I bought a remote. Anything else I should snap up? I don't...
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    In da Hood

    Hi! I have heard that you should ALWAYS use a hood - it will save your lens if you bump things. What do you do in dim light situations though? It would seem that walking around inside a dim church for instance would be a good time to have that protection (I could just see myself...
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    How to get nice bokeh/blur with an F4 zoom lens?

    Hi! I have a new Canon 24-105 F4L lens. I know F4 isn't going to have super blur. How do I work around that? Should I set the aperture on F4, move back from the subject while zooming in? Or what method would work best? thanks...
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    Freeing up hard drive space - throw aways?

    Hi everyone What do you do with photos you've culled? Especially when you find your hard drive free space dwindling? When I am going through photos I've taken, the first thing I do is sort them. The truly bad ones get deleted immediately - out of focus, etc. Then of the lot that is left...
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    General focusing questions (and 24-105)

    Hello everyone I bought my second lens Friday night - 24-105 F4L IS. (what a mouthful). Last night's photos, indoors with flash, mostly seemed to turn out well. I posted some examples here: At any rate, I'm still getting the feel...
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    Bought a new lens today!!

    :lovey: and it has a red ring around it.. :lovey: Canon 24-105 F4L IS Look out!
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    How dreadful is this photo?

    Here is one I took in January: I took it at the same site in May, and I was really hoping for a similar experience but for the grass/foreground. I'm really disappointed with the...