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    Audi photoshoot

    Me and a friend finally installed the new suspension on his car, so we decided to do a quick little photoshoot. and just for fun: For you car guys, they're both '98 A4 1.8t quattros... The black one has nuespeed race springs on bilstein shocks, 18x8.5 rs4 reps...
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    Nikon D50 -- shutter sticking

    I've had my D50 for close to two years now, and recently I've been running into a problem. I attended a car show recently where I took about 600 pictures in maybe 3 hours, and every hundred pictures or so, my shutter would stick open. It would stay that way until I press the button to take the...
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    Old house on the outskirts of town

    Let me know what you think. :mrgreen:
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    River and the sun

    What do you think? :)
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    sacramento river

    This is the Sacramento River by the Sundial Bridge in redding, california. Any comments/critique is welcome. :)
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    Shooting for a newspaper- pricing?

    So at the beginning of highschool football season the newspaper ( ) hired me on contract to shoot spectators of the game of the week, and at the end of the football season that contract would be terminated. Apparently they liked what I did and then have had me shoot a haunted...
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    Show pictures- Need lots of critique.

    So the time for our fair is coming up, and I'm entering a few pictures through my imaging class. Here's what I have so far, any critique will help, be as blunt as you want. You wont hurt my feelings. Other, not listed [Digital] Other, not listed [Color] Still Life [Color]...
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    My first attempt at portraits - Senior Portraits.

    My girlfriend and her friend wanted me to take their senior portraits, I explained to them I'd never done portrait photography before, but they wanted me to do them anyways. So, here's my first attempt at portraits! #1 - Marina (girlfriend) #2 #3 #4 - a bit different #5 - her friend...
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    Old icecream factory night time rain shot...

    Only spent a couple minutes here because it was raining and my camera was getting a bit wet. What do you think? suggestions/comments? :thumbup:
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    3rd year photography student, need help learning new stuff.

    Hello everybody, I'm in my third year of photography at my school, and now my teacher is saying I can learn whatever I want, I just have to write out what I'm going to be doing and what my final product will be. First I was planning on watching video podcasts about photography or photoshop, I...
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    <$200 Macro lense for nikon

    I'm purchasing a Nikon D50 body soon, and I already have a sigma 28(ithink)-200mm lense. I really like Macro photogaphy, and I'll have around $200 to spend on a lense after I buy the D50. What are some choices in my price range that will give me pretty good quality prints? Also, I have an...
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    <$200 Macro Lense (Nikon)
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    Camera for girlfriend...

    My girlfriend is just starting to get into photography and she wants to buy a camera now. We've been looking on ebay for good deals but I really don't know what camera/lenses to look for. She has about $400 for everything right now, would it be possible to find any high quality...
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    EOS350 vs E500 vs D50 - First DSLR

    I'm a second year photography student, a sophmore in highschool. I'm looking to upgrade my camera from a KodakDX6490 to some kind of DSLR. The top three cameras I've seen are the Rebel XT, the E500, and the D50. I read lots on dpreview about those three cameras and still cant make my decision...