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    What is the best and fastest culling program for photographers? Any good free ones out there? Also, what is your method for culling? I feel like culling takes me longer than it should. Thanks!
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    Resolution Help Please!

    I sent a digital image to a client. They said when they tried to upload it to a website to print a canvas a warning popped up saying the resolution was not high enough. It is a black/white photo and I did have to do some cropping. Any suggestions on how to correct this? Is it because it is a...
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    Please help! (fstop and other settings)

    Can anyone direct me to a website with just pictures and the fstops (& other settings) that were used? preferably for family photography.. There has got to be something out there like this, but I cannot find a thing!
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    Exporting from Lightroom question

    Should the PPI be set to 300 when exporting? The default was 240 and then I realized I should probably switch it to 300. Also, for stylistic reasons, I crop many of my there anything I need to be careful about when doing so (adjusting settings, etc?)?
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    Low Fstops & Crisp Photos

    I keep trying to get crisp photos with very low fstops. I stand farther back, but eyes are still not crisp at 2.8, 3.2, etc. what the deal? Help? Tips? any tricks? what am I missing? and yes my shutter speed is 200 or above and ISO is decent.
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    Advice for Manual Mode

    finally made the switch to using manual mode. ! what is your best advice when starting to use it? Also..What is the biggest mistake you think people make when first learning to use it?
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    Underexpose or Overexpose

    If you had to choose one, which one would you choose?I finally made the switch to manual mode but am sometimes having trouble keeping the meter perfectly in the middle. Which way should I allow it to go? Over or Under expose? Which is safer?
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    Slightly overexposed

    How do you best correct slightly overexposed photos? Just wondering which techniques/ methods work best for you.. thanks! I use lightroom for the most part.
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    Senior Portraits lens choice

    quick question..would it be better to shoot with a 50mm 1.4 OR a 24 - 70 2.8 for a senior outdoor portrait. Shooting with a Mark iii and it is overcast. Which would be best??
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    External Flash or No Flash?

    On a lifestyle newborn shoot, indoors, in the master bedroom...would you recommend natural light and bumping up the ISO? or would it be better to use an external flash? Help Please! I have a 5d mark iii and 50mm 1.4 and a 24-70 2.8.
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    Most Helpful Resource

    What has been the most helpful photography resource for you, other than this forum;)?
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    AE Lock and Hold Feature Question

    Is there a way to use the AE Lock and Hold feature (I have a mark iii) and keep the hold while toggling focus points? Every time I toggle I lose the metering that I locked. I know I can first find my focal point and then meter, but it would be super convenient if there was a way to Lock Exposure...
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    5DMiii AF Selection: what do you use and when?

    For shooting outdoor (non moving/seated) Family portraits which AF selection point patterns do you use when shooting: A. Individual B. Couples C. Family of 4 or 5 For example, I might use a Single Point AF or Single Point Spot AF for an individual, but I may use a Zone AF (cluster of AF...
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    Professional Photographers

    How many proofs (edited) do you offer to your clients and at what price?