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    What is a good videography forum?

    didnt know where to post this so I posted it here. Im geting into videography also now. Dose anyone know of any sites like this i should check out? Kevin
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    Park city utah seq shot grinding box off cliff

    This is my first real picture im kindof proud about. Whats your advise to do to it. What do you think
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    What new lenses should i buy?

    This summer my grandmother decided she is goign to take our faimly to lake pal in utah and rent a house boat for a week and then travel around the national parks and such out there. So far iv bought all my own photo equipment but my mother and grandmother told me that anything else that i think...
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    how to maintain lenses?

    My lenses have very little use so far and they have already start to loose there smothness. Is there anything i can do to make then focus and zoom more smothly? also what is the best material to clean your lens with?
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    need help on fixing a photo quick

    Ok so a month ago my grandmother talked to a lady that she sortof knew. She wanted to get a family picture done. The lady clamed to be a photogropher. SO we go and take alot of pictures. Unfortunetly i was very hung over and just wanted to go home so i didnt pick up an all the things she was...
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    Need advice on taking pictures of kitchens and other cabinetry for my company

    Ok so I have been into photography for a little while and have mainly done outdoor shooting of animals and scenic stuff and sports shooting. Well my father has a custom woodworking shop and I work for him. Well we do things ranging from custom furniture to entertainment centers and whole...
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    Want to know what my options are for a wide angle and fisheye. also filters

    Ok so i have a rebel xti. Right now i have the EF 18-55mm lens. The canon EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. 580 EX II speedlight flash. And the canon battery grip. Now I want to get a wide angle lens. And also get somthing that i can get fisheye shots with. I know a little about the...
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    dose canon make a 1.4x converter or 2.0x converter for the lenses

    So i have a rebel xti and to would like to be able to take shots from a little more distance. I have now a 75-300 lens. So for now until i can aford a few more lenses is there a 2.0x converter for the canon? I had one for my film camera but i cant seem to find one for the dslr. Any help...
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    rebel xti and canon speedlight flash. Have questions

    Ok my main question is. If i use the speedlight flash will i be able to use a faster shuterspeed then the 1/250 that the xti is limited with the flash on the camera? Also should i get the speedlight 430ex or the canon 580ex II? What are the benifits of the 580 ex II over the 430ex. I know that...
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    My best pictures this far. need your opinions

    So I have been into photography for around a year and have been getting more and more into it. I have also recently been getting more and more into Photoshop. Here is a bunch of what I think are my best pictures. Please give me all your input. Whether it be things you think I can touch up in...
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    best websites for camera stuff

    Ok so i bought a rebel xti about a year ago and i had bought another lens since then off my aunt. But i would like to buy a few more things like a canon speedlight 540 (i think thats the one) ex flash and some filters and maybe another lense (wide angle and fisheye). Ushaly everything i get into...