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    Extreme Weather Sealing Capabilites on D300

    I once spent a cold night on top of a mountain with my D300. Early the next morning I descended into a rapidly warming, humid environment. When I looked at my camera it was covered in condensate. I'm guess some parts of the interior were similarly wet. This scared the hell out of me much...
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    Everyone thinks they can be a pro! (RANT)

    I think I'd have to agree that a profession is somebody who gets paid for their work. Now that the total process of creating a marketable product is easier of course the barrier to entry is lower. However, in my day a pro was also somebody who acted with class. Pros would never hang around...
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    Good hosting site ?

    I'll second smugmug. It all depends on what you want of course. When I started my search, I didn't want to hassle with low limits on how many photos I could store, I didn't want to pay too much money, and I didn't want to be too worried that a photo of mine posted to a blog that suddenly...
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    Should I be worried??

    My thoughts? You should remove the guys username from you post. There is nothing wrong with him being into hands. If you have some kind of evidence to suggest that he is doing something wrong then act on it. If not, why do you want to mess with him? cheers, david
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    could this be true

    I'm wondering what this means for owners of DX format Nikon cameras who plan to buy lenses. Is there a crunch coming where the next camera purchase will be full frame and render a kit full of DX lenses worthless? Should we be buying lenses that support full format now so we are keeping our...
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    Successful Criticism

    Lets assume that people reply to requests for comment on photos to help the poster (and not to showcase their own brilliance). That being the case, it really depends on why the photo was posted. If the person is looking for criticism then criticism is what you should give. If the person is...
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    Photo Forum is Changing rant.

    Before I get started, I just want to thank all the knowledgeable people on this forum who have helped me. I guess everybody knows that this is not a new discussion. Newbs have been ruining the internet since it first started. The OP does have a point, as the forum grows then the signal to...
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    Wedding Photography...Here Comes the Bride's Lawyer

    Wow! Quick, call a lawyer! In most families I would guess it would work this way. Sis asks brother to take some pictures. Photographer contacts sis to say that what she/he is doing is wrong. Sis talks with brother and they decide on the right and wrong and what they will do. Probably sis...
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    Data Storage question

    I think it largely depends on how you plan to travel. If you're really backpacking then you will want to reduce weight and cut down on the amount of valuable things you have to worry about when you come to that beach where you want to go for a swim. In my experience you can burn your images to...
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    $1000/year for 1 photo!!?

    I'm not a pro or anything. My opinion might fly in the face of professional photographic practice. But I believe a photographer should be paid for the work they do. If you were surprised by the price, and the photographer wasn't paid for the work they did to take the shot then there must have...
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    Mentoring system suggestion

    Hi Everybody, Well this seems very exciting to me. Should prospective mentees post here too? Or PM a mentor? Or wait? I'm a bit afraid the idea won't get off the ground. For it to work it would be nice if there were a way to prevent the mentor being overloaded or having their time wasted...
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    Digital Image Editing questions.......

    If you want to try adjusting levels you could download GIMP. Some people say its harder to use. I don't know since I'm new to the whole photography thing myself. But it is free, it allows the adjustment of levels (and lots of other things) and its used enough that you can google the answer to...
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    Saving images: Flickr vs. Picasa, which one do you prefer?

    I am extremely happy with smugmug as a site to put my pictures on line. The cost is low, the feature set is great and it claims to be unlimited. Its also effectively another location for my photos. But there is no way I consider it a backup of my photos. I don't trust any internet company...
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    Testing out my camera and lens

    um... Wow! Thank you that site really did seem to do it all. cheers, david
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    Testing out my camera and lens

    Hi Everybody, How do you test out the performance of your lens and camera? What kind of shots do you take? What kind of tests do you perform? Which tests can be done indoor with an on board flash, high iso or tripod and slow shutter speeds? I'm guessing there are some fairly standard ways...
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    my first try at flowers..

    I like number 3. Its well composed. I think number 1 and 2 need work. In number 1 I don't know where to look. I don't feel that anything is clearly highlighted in the picture. In number 2, I see that you are trying to show the solitary flower surrounded by green, but the huge chunk of...
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    Reading between the lines around here

    As a new photographer, I expect that most of my photos could probably be better executed. And I post them (well only once so far, but I plan to post photos about once a week) because I want criticism. Since I'm obsessed with photography I'm not looking for encouragement. But I see far more...
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    What should I get first?

    Yes, I'd go for lens too. Also there is heavy speculation that the successor to the D80 will be coming out soon. So if you're aiming for that model, may aswell get the new one. cheers, david
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    Some of my first pictures

    Thank you everybody for your comments. This is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. Looks like polarizer and working on keeping things straight are the main take aways. I'll have a crack at changing the color balance on the second one and see what happens. Where I live its often hard...
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    Some of my first pictures

    I'd like to improve my photography by submitting these pictures for your comment. I'd like to know what you would have done to make it a better picture. These are not my best pictures, but in each case I was trying to capture a subject as best I could. Maybe I could have done it better. What...