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    D90 or D300-Worth the cost?

    i use both D90 (mine) and D300 (school's) for shooting college sports. depending on what sports you are shooting, sometimes the 51 autofocus isn't that critical. for volleyballs and such, the action is in the predictable area, therefore you can always prefocus. And D90 autofocus isn't bad...
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    College Soccer: University of Virginia Vs Duke

    i was shooting at least 500. often 640. the autofocus on d90 was letting me down though. next time I'm gonna need to bust out the D300 :sexywink:
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    College Soccer: University of Virginia Vs Duke

    thanks for your comment. I did shoot raw and messed with the WB. i went by the whites in the uniforms for the WB and those seem correct. I don't know what to do about the grass though. If i balance the green too then the entire pic have bluish tint to them... -----------edit---------- found a...
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    College Soccer: University of Virginia Vs Duke

    Men's soccer held last night. the game ended in double over time with Duke scoring at the beginning of second over time. UVA pounded Duke all night long and they just got hit when they were least expecting it... :grumpy: All shot with D90 with 70-200mm 2.8 at ISO 3200... very unhappy about the...
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    tree in eye

    i use this to view exif data Jeffrey's Exif viewer
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    ijust got rid of my d60 body for 325 USD
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    Model shoot with an RSX Type-S

    yeah i used to have 05 rsx type-s. great cars. i switched to VW GTI for more room
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    much better
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    what causes "glowing"?

    are you using external flash or on board pop up flash?
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    Sacred Ibis

    nice panning! the head does seem bit blurry/out of focus. if i can make a suggestion, maybe dodging the shadow on its left wing may bring out more detail there as it seems like you were focused on its body.
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    Model shoot with an RSX Type-S

    your signature/watermark is waaaay too distracting. i wish there was more interaction between the car and the model. she seems uncomfortable around the car. btw nice choice on putting 06-07 type-s rims on the car! one of the best looking oem rims imo. and is that type-r spoiler or A-Spec...
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    the fallen tree in the back seems like it shouldn't be there...
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    Upgrade to SLR for a Canon guy?

    as others have said, stay away from the kits on ebay. you will find most of the stuff useless and low quality. its much better and financially sound to buy things you need from reputable dealers. however, if you are happy with your camera and it isn't restricting your vision for your work, i...
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    hmmm very interesting choice to go with b&w on this pic. most would leave it color and enhance it. its refreshing!
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    Early Morning on Flagler Beach,,

    i like the range of colors in both pics. not a fan of the vignetting in pic #1 though
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    Junction C&C please

    yeah the ground was uneven... thanks for the comments. what do you guys think about focusing on the tunnel instead of the junction?
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    Shots from the Park today

    #2 had potential in my opinion perhaps at a different angle
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    New Camera :)

    great pics for a starter!
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    My cursed D300 strikes again!

    hmmm definitely sounds like a contact issue with your sb800 on. do you press your forehead on the sb600 also? if you do then its probably not the sweat issue.