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    Post your favorite candid.

    Candid is essentially street photography for beginners :sexywink:
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    By Popular Demand, Something Uplifting

    Great shot. It has style and a story.
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    I like the soft focus here :sexywink: Makes it look like film.
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    Photographing police

    Same in UK. Police can not prevent you from photographing them.
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    went for a walk with the kid. Look who I met.

    Beautiful boat
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    The end of DSLR ?

    Have you looked through the FUJI XT-1 viewfinder? It is bigger than about any full frame DSLR OVF. Expect the same HUGE, NO LAG EVF in most top mirrorless bodies in a couple of years. The fact is - it is almost impossible to improve a current OVF, but EVF is improving fast. The FUJI XT-1 EVF...
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    Laptops suck...

    I tried to go Mac and went back to Win7.
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    ISO changes automatically on my Nikon D5100 ??!!

    Before switching it off, learn how it works. You may want to leave it on.:D
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    Camden Fiasco

    #2 is very good
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    The Bean. Critiques welcome

    Good find but not close enough for me. Still interesting.
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    Life in Korea

    Bus Stop, Snack Tent is a wonderful photo, love it.
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    Some Street Photos

    "There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see". (c)
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    3-week trip : second camera?

    Ricoh GR. Pocketable, light, GREAT wide lense, quality little camera
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    Why are men stupid?!

    Yes, and I think I know why it has no effect on women's brain
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    Considering a switch from Full frame DSLR to mirrorless, have a few questions

    I had this camera for a day. It is a very, very good camera. Fun to use, quality all round, the glass is ridiculously good. It just murders any cropped DSLR. One of those very rare cameras once tried you hate to see it go. I do not know about Canada, but in UK you have to pre-order XT-1 and...
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    5D3... check!

    The concept of begging for a year for a 5D3 while having a 5D2 is beyond me to be honest.
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    Going to Peru!! Recommended Camera Settings

    U1 and U2 are both for Uruguay, not Peru, I am afraid.
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    A couple of technically weak shots.

    Are you a librarian ? ;)
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    There is no problem with the tilted fence, but you need a solid reason for a blurred forefront. Here it looks like as misjudged DoF.
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    Naked Selfie

    Love it, even though you do not need a camera to paint this.