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    One of my first portraits

    Hi guys, i'm debating whether to buy a 50mm 1.4 prime for my Pentax K100D i've got a Sigma 18-200mm and heres a picture of one of the first photos i ever took with it it was indoors and horrible low lighting, just it he bathroom, so i decided to move her to the window and got her to do 'girl...
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    i dont understand monopods

    i went to store and had a look at a monopod, and its just a bloody stick with a grip on it how the hell do you use monopods? i dont see how they are meant to stop camera shake at all i suppose it has something to do what that grip/strap, but i have no idea
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    Portraits in Bright areas

    hi guys, i have a question how do you take portraits of people in bright lighting situations it was really sunny out and the camera doesn't quite get the metereing right the subjects are underexposed, i locked the metering to the surround, and set the flash on, then the whole picture is...
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    aperture settings for detailed foreground and background

    hi guys, i was wondering what aperture setting would be adequate for a highly detailed background as well and a clear focused foreground would f11 do? i see alot of potraits with blurred backgrounds, but when on holiday you want the whole scene too at f11 i find the shutter speed is set a...
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    i took this picture of a kangaroo at a wildlife sanctuary i was at F4.5 or something like that, 80mm and about 30cm away from the kangaroos face what i love about this picture is that you can see my reflection in his eyes notice my Crumpler 4 million dollar bag the bokeh from my Sigma...
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    Taking Portaits help

    Hi guys, I have a Sigma 18-200mm, and take alot of portraits. its 50:50 portaits:landscapes i've found anything below 35mm creates too much barrel distortion with the person's face what the best focal length to take portraits with that lens? and should i pony up for a 50mm 1.4? they're about...
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    Photoshop Tutorials

    Hi fellas, do you guys know any basic, and then more advanced Photoshop CS3 tutorials/guides? i'd like to know what i'm poking at. because none of it makes any sense cheers
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    Which eye do you guys use to look through viewfinder?

    Just wondering, i'm right handed but i tend to look through the viewfinder with my left eye and my right eye closed which is kinda silly now that i think about it because my right eye has slightly better vision. its just what i've always been doing so its going to be hard to get used to...
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    Black speck in viewfinder

    Hi, when i look through my viewfinder, there is a black speck on it. like an extremely thin and small hair. Its not the on the outside It's brand spanking new, a couple of days old, i was really careful not to get any dust in it when i put the lens on for the first time anyway i openede it up...
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    Anybody here from Australia?

    Seems like mainly Americans on this forum, anybody here From Australia? and where from? I'm in Melbourne
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    When do you guys use your cameras?

    Hey fellas, I know this is getting tiresome, but I'm getting cold feet and second thoughts about getting an dSLR $700 is a shotload of money and although its a once in a lifetime deal, i'll never get 40% off a camera and lens pack again, but I dont know what i'm going to be doing with it...
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    Newbie shots with digicam, what do you think?

    These were taken with my gf's Canon IXUS 70. I've used it before, when i went to the 12 apostles, but this is the second time around, when i started seeing things differently to just PnS. 1. i saw this doorway, and new it would be a good shot for something like this. idealy, i'd have one...
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    Avid Photo Taker wants SLR Camera

    Gday Now I have alot of whims to go and buy stuff and usually i act on them and regret it later. My computer broke one day and I had nothing to do and felt like revisiting my childhood and playing with my toy soldiers, only to discover i've lost them all so i went out and bought a whole heap...