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    Broken D3000 as a Backup Camera?

    I managed to pick this up recently, its a D3000 w/ 18-55mm (w/ 16gb memory :D), but the hotshoe was broken off and consequently the pop up flash does not work either. After putting some black electrical tape over the hole in the body where the hotshoe was, it doesn't look bad at all. However...
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    What lens to get?? beginner

    I have a D80 i've owned for a few months, and i'm learning the ins and the outs of the camera. I'm taking a camera-specific photography course next week, and my gf and i have several vacations planned for the next 5 months (colorado, nyc, and canada) since i got the camera, i traded the 18-55...
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    Help! NOOB needs help picking camera

    Hi, I am upgrading from my little 6mp HP photosmart digital camera. My options are, based on value + quality Canon EOS 350D REBEL XT with 28-90mm lens, $300 AND a 90-300mm lens (both lenses and body) $375 Nikon D80, with 18-55mm lens.. $400 Which is the better deal, and...