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    Our girl Ginger

    Shes laying on my robe, aka me :)
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    Before/After Need some CC

    So I have photoshop now, but to learn the ropes of color correction and so fourth I'm working through aperture. I feel like over the last week I've made some good headway (trying not to blow things out to much). So could you guys give me some pointers? If you'd like to show me what you think is...
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    The Old Mid West

    I really love this shot, whatcha guys think? Also i have another picture that shows the llamas that were laying out by the pumps at a different angle, quite hilarious if anyone wants to see it.
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    Forgotten Fountain

    I did some aperture work. Haven't decided if I want to crop it at all (its original right now). Like it, dont like, no opinion? Tell me whatcha think.
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    Some recent pictures from this week...

    I'm not sure if I really like any of them, but maybe you guys could tell me what you think. This one bothers me a little bit because his hair is out of focus.
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    Can some explain the HDR process to me?

    I think these shots look great, but I really have no idea how to do them. Can anyone show me their work, perhaps the original and the finished product...or maybe a step by step process?
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    Sunset's @ the Beach

    These were shot in Santa Barbara CA. I don't yet have photoshop, partially because I'm trying to improve my photo skills before I move to something that hides them. Because of this I'm not yet cropping all of the pointless black in the photos...maybe you guys could show me what you'd do...
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    Black Rebel XTi body *For Sale*

    Comes with everything that came in the box. Barely used, only 900 pictures taken. Pros: 8 months left on warranty Barely used Perfect Condition Stored in my camera back pack Meticulous owner Cons: I just bought this and now I'm selling it.:grumpy: $650 takes it. (Must be a reputable...
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    *Feeler* XTi black body F/S

    This is a serious feeler. I'm looking for some reliable information on what an XTi body would run rather than just looking @ local craigslist ad's and ebay ad's. The body is about 3 months old and comes with perfectly kept box and papers/accessories etc. I'm seriously considering giving up the...
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    How to focus well, in pitch black night (pic)

    I could very well have a flash light, but there wasn't one around. Its the first time I've ever had to not use A/F, which is a good thing but annoying that it ruined the picture. Do you guys have any tips for shooting in such dark areas? Exposure: 255 sec (255)...
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    Candid camera (aimed at young children)

    This picture is NOT anywhere near the setting's Id like...but this kid sat here for all of 1 second so I just had to snap something.:wink: I have an all new appreciation for shooting children, and am looking for some of YOUR candid camera shots of kids. We all know those are the best anyways ;)...
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    Night time New York City (first timer w/ night shots)

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to give me some pointers on my first time with night shooting. Just to let yall know, I did not have a tripod so I had to be very creative in shooting...having a tripod would had been so cool! Personal favorite
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    Shooting Motorsports (hot Sunny day)

    I'm going to be having a track day on Saturday, but while I'm not out there driving id like to capture as many shots possible. Its going be HOT and its gonna be bright Guaranteed! 91 degrees :thumbdown: The track is located in a very...
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    Greetings From Santa Barbara

    Hey there My names Andrew and I love photography! Yet never got into it back in High school.:thumbdown: Rather, I took Video (we had a great program) and that form of art just wasn't for me.:er: Now a new hobbie has arose, that being photography. Its tough to be one of my hobbies , because...
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    Rookie picture threads?

    So besides the regular critiquing sub forum can there be a place for us rookies to post our pictures and get the basics of what were doing wrong. It seems to me that the critique section is for more for advanced photographers. Besides the Beginner section (which by the way I think is fabulous)...
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    Need pointers on what camera from my hobbies

    Edit: I rushed my title, hence it making no sense. :) New title : Looking for opinions on what will best suite me :) Budget $1000 Hello all As you all know, this is my first post on this forum. I am very much a noob to real photography, hence why I come here in seek of some of your expert...