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    orange amaryllis ...

    I am by means an expert, but in my opinion~ Would be a great picture if the focus was tack sharp. Also finding that goldish circle thing in the top left corner a bit distracting. Beautiful flower though!
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    Up close and personal

    Had a great time taking my kiddos to the butterfly conservatory over the weekend. Unfortunately it was quite crowded, but here are some shots that I managed to get! C&C always helpful! :-) CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW!!
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    I love the effect of these types of pics....typically how long is your exposure time?
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    What version of photoshop are you using? I just recently got CS3 and bought The Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby. I still have a lot of reading and learning to do, but seems to explains things pretty simply- which is right up my alley!
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    The bowl on the table

    last one also looks like a frog jumping out of the water (at least to me!) These are incredible! What lens were you using?
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    First pics...playing with water

    Okay, so I am always here lurking and totally amazed by so many of your photos that I biting the bullet and posting some pics I took last night. They are by no means great, but these were some of my first water drop attempts! *Definitely could have used better lighting* I have photoshop...
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    Help with camera setting?

    Thanks for the Great Link!! lots of great info on just about everything!
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    Every noob should read this!!!!!

    Funny, I too just ordered this last week....waiting in anticipation for mailman to surprise me with its arrival!
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    Looking to get a DSLR

    I too just bought my first SLR and went for the Nikon D40x. Still playing around with and becoming familiar with it, but loving every thing about it thus far. I think the big thing is to go and try a couple different ones out before making a decision! Everyone can suggest a camera but taking...
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    D-40 w/2 lens or D-40x..better buy??

    Thanks for all the responses!! I found the best of both worlds... I am trading up for the X (mainly because I do like playing around with photoshop and other programs and like the ability of printing something larger- doubt I would use it often, but nice to have), but nikon also has a promotion...
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    D-40 w/2 lens or D-40x..better buy??

    I recieved a nikon D-40 for X-mas (first SLR). By spending just $100 I can either get upgrade to the D-40x w/ 18-55 lens which is on sale this week, or return mine and pick up the bundle package at Circuit City that has the D-40 with the 18-55 and 55-200 lens. Most of my photography is for...