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    How to convert a BW image to color?

    Hello people, is there any way to convert a black and white picture to full color? The only way I can imagine would be to somehow convert it from grayscale to "redscale" (shades of red), then to "greenscale", then to "bluescale", and then somehow combine these 3 versions to make a colored...
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    How do you guys take such clear photos through a telescope? Surely you don't just stick the camera lens in the telescope eyepiece, like you do with your eye? Because I tried to take a few shots of the moon that way (through my 10x50 binoculars), and the best one I could get is this...
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    Sky Theme

    Edited due to broken link
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    Link broken :(
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    This is from downtown Toronto
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    A waste for all time to see....

    Very nice, the angle of the light makes the waves look great, and somehow that tire fits in perfectly, I like it. :thumbsup:
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    The Morning Patrol

    Wow, I can see how canonrebel interpreted my post as he did, he must get this all the time :cry: I want to make it clear that personally I don't care whether canonrebel likes or dislikes "digital art" or anything else, I think that's his business and his business alone. Everyone has a passion...
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    Simple happiness

    The picture is fine, it's LaFoto's desktop display settings (not enough colors).
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    Nice shot! And I like the spider too, I don't know why everybody gets disgusted, it's actually kindof cute. As to why it didn't jump, from my experience with spiders, they tend to freeze when something big gets near them. I think they probably react that way so that they don't attract attention...
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    Well I guess it looks more "artistic" this way, I don't know, you tell me :? I don't know exactly if this is what you had in mind, feel free to edit it yourself in whatever way you want. I have no problem with people editing or using my pictures in any way. Once you edit it though, it's...
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    Actually I don't think those are roots, I think it's some kind of bush or something. Anyway, I didn't mean to over expose it, it was a mistake, but I actually like the effect it gives, I think it looks pretty cool.
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    Sky Theme

    Edited due to broken link
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    The issue is resolved, let's not make baby jesus cry anymore ...
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    Would everybody tell each other that I'm not talking to them? Thanks.
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    Can someone tell Lyanna that I'm not talking to her? Thanks.
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    LOL, I'm 25 :P I see what you're saying, but please understand that it is a false perception that I critiqued anything. That post was addressed to people like the one who had posted previously, who were not sure whether the picture was processed in any way and to what degree, and its...
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    Someone tell canonrebel that I'm not talking to him. And also ask him how does he figure that I "drew first blood"? By revealing that his picture was made with Photoshop? Was that offensive to him, was it a secret or something? Did he intend to pass it as an actual photograph? If that's not the...
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    WOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! The ones through the telescope are amazing! What magnification were you using? I wish I had a telescope :cry:
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    Both of those pictures are available to view, and none of them is posted in any "critique thread". Anyway, I've read some of your blabbering until I realised it has nothing to do with anything. I don't know what your problem is, but it looks to me like you're just "looking for trouble" so to...
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    No, the beam is coming from me, not towards me. I haven't bought a tripod yet, so I had to hold the camera still on the balcony railing with my right hand, and hold the laser on the railing with my left hand (right beside the camera). I held them as still as I could while I took the shot (6 sec...