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    An Incredily Newbie Type Question

    So I'm actually a bit asahmed I have to ask this... but here goes. I understand about aperture and shutter speed. I understand, the faster the shutter, the lower the aperture and vice verse. I understand how to shoot on manuel and such. But what I don't understand is what someone means when...
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    Photoshop Frames

    I just got Photoshop for Christmas... and I'm looking for help with a certain effect. I want to do a series of 3 or 4 frames... something like this, though this isn't exactlyyy what I was looking for. I wish I could find a better example...
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    Shooting my first engagement session- on the beach!

    So, one of my best friends just got engaged. I'm doing a freebie engagement session (my first) to get some practice under my belt. They're my guinea pigs, persay. And since they're not paying me anything, if the shots stink, we haven't really lost anything but a couple of hours. :lmao: Anyway...
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    Max Sync Speed- Speedlight 430exii

    So, apparentely I was a good enough girl in Santa's book to merit getting a Speedlight 430 EXii this Christmas :D I shoot on a Rebel XTi... I know the max sync speed there is 1/200. But when I try to shoot on the Speedlight, it doesn't seem to be allowing me to use it above 1/200. What...
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    Something on the sensor?

    I took my camera into the shop for a good sensor cleaning. Unfortunately, there is something- the store guy is not sure what, maybe a scratch?- on the sensor that he isn't able to get off after trying all his bag of tricks. Any ideas about what it might be... and what it might entail to remove...
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    Needing a little Editing Help

    So I took a lovely portrait of my gram... but I'm having a hard time getting the editing just right. Any critique you'd be willing to give would be appreciated. Pic A. Pic B Unfortunately, if I edit too much, her white hair is a bit blown out. :???:
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    Any dealings with Sonic Cameras?

    I found an incredible deal on a 40D body and a Canon 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 EF IS USM Lens at But I guess I'm a bit leery of purchasing, because of the old "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" adage. Anyone have any dealings with them? I'm much less leery about...
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    New Camera or New Lenses?

    To take better shots, obviously I have to improve my craft and knowledge :lmao: But equipment counts for a lot as well. :) I own a 10 mp Rebel XTi with a basic kit lens. I've been looking at 40D's... I'm wondering if you would recommend upgrading the camera? Or simply investing in better...
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    Speedlite 430ex vs. 430ex II

    Other than the faster recycling time, are there any features that differentiate the two? I'm wondering if it's worth dropping the extra 50 bucks for the EX II. Or rather, if it's worth Santa dropping the extra 50. :lmao: Specifically, are there any differences in the swivel head action? Doing...
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    Online Schools?

    I don't really have the luxury of packing up and heading back to school right now. But I do want to improve my shooting. Has anyone studied photography through an online school? Would you recommend any?
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    Shooting into the Sun/Bright backgrounds

    Hey guys! I was hoping you could help me out. I'm wanting to learn to proplerly expose a subject with a bright background... but I don't want the subject to be silhouetted and I don't want to blow out the background with my fill in flash. Any ideas about how to better expose the shot? How can...
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    Shooting Pictures without Blowing out the Background

    Hey guys... I'm looking for some tips on how to properly expose a foreground without blowing out a bright background. For instance, we little to eat at a waterside restaurant and take pictures there. How can I take a decent picture of my parents sitting inside the restaurant using a flash...
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    Problems with Uploading Lightroom Photos to Photobucket

    Hey guys... I'm new to Lightroom... but I also have a photobucket. I'm noticing that there seems to be a bit of a loss in quality when I upload the final product to my Photobucket (or really, any kind of uploading). Is there any way to get around this? I'm afraid its going to also tweak the...