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  1. AdamBomb

    Bought a P&S - Am I Just Spoiled? (Lots of photos)

    Hey All, I've been shooting with a DSLR for quite a few years now, and I feel that I've gotten quite good at it. Well I decided that I wanted a new Point-and-Shoot for when I didn't feel like toting my gripped D90 around. After days of research, I decided to pick up the Canon SX210is. I...
  2. AdamBomb

    Polarizer troubles

    Hey guys, haven't been around too much lately. I set my camera down for awhile, and all of a sudden... it's exciting again! Anyways, I picked up a cheap ($20) SunPak Circular Polarizer from BB and on the way home I pulled over and I decided to snap a few photos of my truck. I've noticed a...
  3. AdamBomb

    Any Advice on Moniters?

    Hey All, I'm looking for an external display for my Black MacBook. I'm looking for something in the 22-24" range. My MacBook supports up to 1920 by 1200. Looking for somthing in the > $300 range. BestBuy has quite a few under $300.
  4. AdamBomb

    D90 Plus Extras!

    I bought The Body and the 18-105 in December, everything else is newer than that. I assure you everything is in 100% working condition and is mint! Nikon D90 Body -With MB-D80 Grip -Comes with 2 batteries/charger -Less than $2500 Shots fired -$850 Nikon 18-105mm DX Lens -$300...
  5. AdamBomb

    Sad to Ask, But...

    It's time to recommend me back to a P&S. I bought my D90 a few months back and instantly was hooked! In the last month or so I have shown little to no interest in Photography. I still LOVE to take pictures, But I am a broke college student that cannot justify having over $2000 worth of photo...
  6. AdamBomb

    WTB: Motorola Razr

    I need a a Cell phone that will work on the AT&T network. I prefer a black Razr. I am willing to pay up to $50 for one. Can Paypal
  7. AdamBomb

    Snap and Run! (Detroit)

    I was down in Detroit the other night and I snapped this. I pulled into the turn lane, put on the hazards and set-up the tripod. It was extremely nerve racking! Detroit is nice during the day ... but can be very intimidating at night!
  8. AdamBomb

    MY Winter Wonderland

    Snapped this a few weeks ago out back, Thought it was goner, but some PP helped it come back to life. Whatcha think?
  9. AdamBomb


    I didn't think I was going to post this one on here, but it's getting some good attention on Flickr, So I'll share it with you guys too! What do you think...
  10. AdamBomb

    Tag // Rustic

    Took these in Ann Arbor yesterday. C/C if you will, Please. This one IS a true HDR:
  11. AdamBomb

    PhotoBooth Pictures!!

    I know a ton of you guys have Macs, So... Let's see your funny PhotoBooth pics!! I Just took this about 3 minutes ago while trying to get my homework done!
  12. AdamBomb

    Lighting is Frustrating!

    I've been experimenting with my SB-600 lately off the camera. I've read quite a bit on the Strobist Blog, and am still looking for pointers, from different point of views. I just took some shots a few minutes ago, and none of them really jumped out to me as... 'Neat.' Do you have any pointers...
  13. AdamBomb


    Hey Guys, Whats a good shutter range or particular speed for capturing stars to their full potential, with out them blurring from moving. I know I could just go out there and try, but it's about -11 (F) tonight, and I'm JUST wondering. Post examples if you like. And let's just base this on...
  14. AdamBomb

    Any Graphic Designers here?

    Hey Guys! I'm attending College and am majoring in Graphic Design Technology. Do you have any advice for me? And any recommendations on a minor? I would also like to take some photog classes and get a certificate in photography.
  15. AdamBomb

    A Few From Vacation. CC PLEASE!

    Hey Guys, I'm 1000 miles south of home in Panama City, Florida and I've been taking some neat pictures. PLEASE CC them for me! ONE 1/640 F8 ISO200 TWO 1/1 F5.6 ISO200 THREE 1/8 F5.6 ISO800 FOUR 1/1 F8 ISO250 There was very...
  16. AdamBomb

    Anyone Diffuse with their hand?

    I was tinkering around the other night and I was frustrated on how BRUTAL the on-camera flash was being. So I thought about how Ive done the business card trick. So I decided to stick my hand up there instead. I was pretty impressed with the results. Put the Top of your hand at a 45(ish)...
  17. AdamBomb

    My D90 is Being Picky

    So I don't know exactly WHEN it does it, but sometimes, My D90 wont fire. Its normally in Low light, and I think its because of the AF. If I switch my Lens to M, then it will fire no problem, but if the AF can't focus, it just...wont let me take the picture. It's kind of frustrating, is this how...
  18. AdamBomb

    Any Videos?

    Hey Guys, I'm in the mood for some tips, tricks and general knowledge tonight. But I dont feel like reading :lol:. Are there any good videos online?
  19. AdamBomb

    A Few for C/C Please!

    My Fingers are still numb! ONE TWO THREE FOUR
  20. AdamBomb

    *Sigh* The Weather.

    So I have had my D90 for a few weeks now, And im still like a little boy at Christmas with it. But the weather for the last week or so has been terrible, and it doesnt look like its getting any better. It's about 35 degrees and raining right now :grumpy:. I want to shoot SO BAD, but the inside...