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    New Macro lens for D60

    I'm looking to buy a new macro lens for my Nikon D60, anyony have suggestion. I was looking at the Tamron 90 mm. Any help would be appreciated.:wink: BTW: I do alot of photos of humming birds, so maybe alittile more magnification. Maybe a good all purpose lens 28mm to 300mm
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    Something odd!

    Can someone tell me what these are? I found them under my rain gutter down spout after we had a lot of rain. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I think it's a type of mushroom, but not sure. Thanks BTW they are still there 2 weeks after the rain, and they are still getting bigger.
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    Some Georgia Hummers

    I thought I'd post some of my hummingbirds here in Georgia. 1. 2. 3. 4. I have got put some pic here, that I didn't try to make perfect. Any comments are welcome.
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    Invasion of privacy!

    Lizzards having fun! I just couldn't resist! :mrgreen: Wasn't sure where to post this at! 1.Enjoyment 2.Relief 3. Excitement 4. Get out of my face Hope you enjoy!:sexywink:
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    Some help

    Ok I need a little help here! I took this at 1600 ISO and 11 A. It just don't look right to me. Thanks for any help!
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    New D60 Nikon pic's

    These haven't been touched up except to rotate them. Any commits are welcome!
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    A couple of B/W pic

    I'm new here! And was wanting some sugestions on my photos. BTW this is my first picture post here. I'll welcome any commits and suggestions! Thanks, Randy
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    Another Newbie

    Hello all! I have been here reading for a few day. I just got a D60 Nikon, still learning all the setting. Think I have taken some good pictures with it, but something is missing. I hope to learn more the longer I'm here.