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  1. Virtuosos

    First attempts

    cut off part of her arm...and she doesn't seem to be in an extremely comfortable position... For me, if there was alittle more on the bottom, it'd be A+. Regardless of my own personal opinion however, I do like it.
  2. Virtuosos

    Peg (C&C Please!)

    I think its a clever photo...underexposed, yadda yadda...but for some reason I really enjoy the idea lol. Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera (9780817439392): Bryan Peterson: Books Should check that book out, exceptionally helpful.
  3. Virtuosos

    Abandoned Bunkers & Nuclear Reactors

    Seems like a really cool place to check out. My favorite is the last photo you uploaded (inside)...the others are cool but mostly sky.
  4. Virtuosos

    New to this!

    Feel free to upload a few photo's asap! Just try not to bombard us with 500 photo's....usually 3~5 are a good number for C&C on.
  5. Virtuosos

    Who likes a good red wine?(c&c)

    Yellowtail Merlot Yeah, I drink cheap wine from the a college student, it's my right! :p First 1 looks damn good.. 2nd one is meh. You could always try under-exposing it by a stop or two, that may help somewhat.
  6. Virtuosos

    The Typical:

    Yikes...hopefully no one here is like that lol :/ But welcome! If you ever are looking for a good read, check out Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera (9780817439392): Bryan Peterson: Books
  7. Virtuosos

    The bartender.

    Hah...dude has a pretty sick mustachio going on. edit: The edit version has a nice and different feel to it, I approve of it :)
  8. Virtuosos

    Corn Power

    I think it looks good. Im not good at editing though, so forgive me for not having anything of real substance to add!
  9. Virtuosos

    Here are some shots from my first day of shooting

    Since I can only see the last 2 photo's while typing, I am going to number them #1 and #2. #1 focus seems...not there? Soft/blurry is what I am seeing...i might be wrong. Anyways, Tripod+ longer shutter speed is generally the best idea for shooting flowing water. Gives it a lovely effect if...
  10. Virtuosos

    The Kreidler Club

    Dude in the middle looks like he's ready for an intense race :p
  11. Virtuosos

    Web shots

    #2 & #3 are my favorites. Great shots!
  12. Virtuosos

    Favourite places

    I usually enjoy lakes or scenic area's. Recently I moved to Stillwater and attending OSU....I have grown in love with the architecture and the landscapes on campus. I havn't had a chance to take advantage of it though :( i haven't opened my camera in weeks lol.
  13. Virtuosos


    I won't lie...I saw your name and thought "shootnude??" :p Welcome, however! Looking forawrd to seeing some macro shots from ya!
  14. Virtuosos


    I suggest you go educate yourself with the camera manual, as well as checking out a few books to read about lighting, comp, exposure... It will help you out 20x more if you understand the basics of a camera before trying to figure out what the "best settings" are
  15. Virtuosos

    I'm pretty bad at people pictures. CC anyway?

    I personally like it... I might try a slightly tighter crop (not by much) just to get rid of the random-ass leg in the back ;p
  16. Virtuosos

    Not To Sure About This Photo.. What Do You Think?

    Definately more tree/branch, but this is almost exactly what i envision when imagining a 'horror house'
  17. Virtuosos

    Some new work

    That edit is an improvement I think... It looks alitle more postcardy. And i didnt mean over-exposed on everything, tirediron explained what i meant in a better way...the big white-mark in the sky. Seemed uber-distracting.
  18. Virtuosos

    Some new work

    Way over-exposed sky in #1 #2 You could get a better crop...lots of space above her head. Probablly cut out alittle bit on the right-side too.
  19. Virtuosos

    Sound problems - computers

    Oh could be something as simple as 2 processes trying to use the same resource as your soundcard.... Use "Device Manager" & look for "shared resources". ---- Do that the next time you have issues, as well as get a copy of the processes being ran (ctrl alt del). As well as updating...
  20. Virtuosos

    One of my photos was just chosen photo of the day on our local news channel.

    Well done :p being featured like that is always a boost of encouragement!