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    Shadow created after product photography

    I have been trying to do some product photography for my e commerce website. Every time I try I tend to come up with an unwanted shadow. How can we eliminate the shadow?. Should I use Photo shop or I should try to eliminate it by changing the lighting?
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    What lens should I use for microshots

    I have took plenty of portraits and also many landscape photos but recently I have decided to do some micro shots. I have a presentation and I have to do it fast. I was wondering what lens should I buy for that purpose. Please someone help me out.
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    Problems with the I phone X camera

    Hi! my name is Mariah and I am a beginner. I am in this forum for a month now and I do not post much. Today I came here to talk about I phone camera and the photography that we can do with an I phone. I am recently taking lots of photos with my I phone X and I would really like to know something...
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    Beginner post

    Hi! I am Mariah, I live in Bangladesh and I am a graphics designer and I have some pages which I run and do freelancing and that is what I do for a living. I was really interested in photography even before I started my career as a graphics designer but for some issues I did not able to. Now I...