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  1. bantor

    Bad news everyone

    I to hate Auto Focus, but the lens i have (the kit lens with the D50) sucks for manual focus, you can do it, but it is not that easy or quick to do. I indeed could have bought another lens, but i have been putting it off becasue i don't want to invest to much money in this camera, i plan on...
  2. bantor

    Bad news everyone

    I am lucky enough to have a Canon AE-1 and a dark room that i have not set up in months due to lack of space, but i just moved again to a bigger house so maybe it is a good thing and i can get back into film and darkroom stuff for a while.
  3. bantor

    Bad news everyone

    So i was at a chirstmas dinner with my family and i decided it would be fun to take a few photos of the goings on. All seemed well and fine as i removed my Nikon D50 from its bag and truned it on. As i proceeded to check my ISO settings quality and other settings, all still seemed well, and then...
  4. bantor

    Well I'll Be Giggered

  5. bantor

    My first picture post!

  6. bantor

    Rocky Mountains - Alberta - Summer 2007

    I would be up for a meet up for sure. I doubt i could be the whole week, but i would love to go.
  7. bantor

    I got a new camera!!!

    great shots with a great camera. i really like the third one. good work!
  8. bantor

    Bengal Tiger

    "...and instead of a gaurd dog, they had a bloody great bangel tiger!" -waynes world 2 great post work!
  9. bantor

    Several images - Please critique my Personal Photography Site

    Thabks Lol999. I will indeed take a look at your suggestions. If you don't mind me asking (while we are at it) what did you think of the photos themselves? Thanks for your time.
  10. bantor

    Several images - Please critique my Personal Photography Site

    Thanks all for the comments! Flash Harry: Thanks. I really must agree on the navagation being terrible. It ticks me off to, but i can't really think of any other way to have all my images with good navigation. LaFoto: Thanks for the move, it does indeed seem better hear. I thought it was a...
  11. bantor

    Several images - Please critique my Personal Photography Site

    Hello all! It has been quite a considerable amount of time since i have posted any image at all. Something i am regretfull about, but that i just what happens. Now, after reaing the "Attention! Please read Critique Forum FAQ's " i have good reason to believe this request is outside the scope...
  12. bantor

    Anyone here have another HOBBY?

    I have been known to dabble. guitar, computers, reading, philosophy, metal art, writing, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, inventing ( as odd as that sounds i really enjoy coming up with an idea and then just going out and making it), movie making (from writing to editing), audio engineering...
  13. bantor

    My Trip Up a Local Canyon

    Great shots, i really like the first one the colors are wonderfull. Good job.
  14. bantor

    If you could shoot any place, thing or person, what would it be?

    I would have to say that right now i enjoy nature shooting the most. But i erally want to get into shooting people. any way i can weather that be wedding, portraits, nudes, candids, street, anything.
  15. bantor

    Hello From Edmonton

    welcome Seann! There is no doubt that if you stick around here you will learn some really interesting stuff about photography (and who knows what else in the off topic area).
  16. bantor

    New ideas for post work

    hello. A few weeks back i had a photo shoot with a model. All went well in the shoot and i got a whole bunch of really good shots. The problem i have run into now is in post proccessing. I am tired of the same old things i do to pictures. I play with the levels a bit, play with the curves a bit...
  17. bantor

    Post your desktops

    mine is a testimate to my eclectic and wild lifestyle.
  18. bantor

    Design a backpack?

    I like the idea myself, and i have to agree with JohnMF in the way of prototype. I think you should try and make one yourself. I did. I just foudn the right size of hiking backpack and converted it into a camera backback using high tention velcro, high density foam, fabric, and some other...