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  1. jlbrew3

    The Riverman

    I think the shot is interesting but the lighting seems a little flat and the horizon being off center throws me off...
  2. jlbrew3

    How to make HS Cross Country fun!

    Nice shots, I like the angles/perspective
  3. jlbrew3

    Santa Monica ca, skimboarding

    I agree that they are cool shots but without faces and definition on the people that are the subjects, they lose a lot of their relevance. Cool angles.
  4. jlbrew3

    Pipe Dream

    The colors really are great, they add a lot to a nicely composed shot like this.
  5. jlbrew3

    the fenced in tunnel

    Love the blurred figure. The contrast really works well in this shot. I really like it!
  6. jlbrew3

    September 11th 2008

    Very moving. Very well composed.
  7. jlbrew3

    Untitled #8

    I think the shallow DOF is really an integral part of the picture. Having the background slightly out of focus makes the cabinet pop and the color stand out instead of it just blending into an otherwise normal background. I agree that the colors are nice.
  8. jlbrew3

    Black, White and blue...

    Did you manipulate the photo in PS after you took it because it looks like some of the berries might be embossed (the have a distracting white outline on some of them). It's an interesting photo but the grain and the outlines are frankly a little distracting....
  9. jlbrew3

    Comments...critiques...??? Please!

    Is it just me or is this photo strangely blue? Are you sure you converted the file fully to greyscale? It's an interesting image but I find the DOF to be a little off, I think the majority of the the window should be in focus instead of a little past it...Just me though...
  10. jlbrew3

    Yashica shots

    Love the lighting, contrast and general mood in the last one, great shot
  11. jlbrew3

    Fisheye Fun

    I like the candy shot. It's a little too red, but the colors in general make it interesting
  12. jlbrew3


    Great angle and perspective, maybe a tad too dark for my liking but then again it gives it a really nice mood.
  13. jlbrew3


    As mentioned above, I love how the colors change slowly as you look at the shot in different places. And its a nice composition, I like the shot a lot.
  14. jlbrew3


    Love the colors in the river. Nice shot
  15. jlbrew3

    Glass Chess Set, Strobist style!

    Definitely like 2 the best, great lighting and a cool angle.
  16. jlbrew3

    Grain & Leaves

    Those are both great shots. Love the contrast in the first one.
  17. jlbrew3

    Been doing a lot of black and whites

    You've got some great stuff in there. Keep up the good work.
  18. jlbrew3

    Pipes ! ! ! (VR photography in B&W)

    Yeah I really like this shot, its got a lot going on but its very interesting and technically a great shot.
  19. jlbrew3

    About the other night.......

    I agree with Chris in that the foreground could probably be cropped to give a more square picture but I think it would be more visually appealing and make the great colors pop even more. Really nice shot.
  20. jlbrew3

    Enjoying my Voigtlander

    Nice shots. While shallow DOF is cool, I'm not sure it works in the second one, its just too shallow, and I think it detracts from the flower's beauty. Just my 2 cents though...