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  1. Andie

    Eagles on the Cedar...

    Well, not perfectly in focus, but that was probably due to the shivering (it's about 3 degrees here today and REALLY windy) Will be trying again when it warms up a little bit :) EDIT: Just looked at Raymond's a few threads below and I can only wish mine could be 1/4 as good as his.... :) 1)...
  2. Andie

    January Whitetails

    Yep, I said the same thing last night when I was looking thru to see what I had... he defintely needs a good caption
  3. Andie

    January Whitetails

    Just a few shots from yesterday... same county park in Wisconsin as I've posted before. The deer are VERY curious and will stop to check you out, but if you move too much or walk towards them they are gone. I was in the car for pics #1 and #2. C&C welcome as always :) 1) 2) (same guy as...
  4. Andie

    New Year's Day Trip to the Park

    At this park the animals just seem to be pretty much at peace with the humans. If you get too close they will run. I'm not sure why that doe choose to be so willing to pose right then, but she just stood there staring at me so I just kept clicking. I did lighten the last picture... those...
  5. Andie

    New Year's Day Trip to the Park

    Once again there were many furry little creatures willing to pose for me... 1 - 2- 3 - 4 - **Lightened and Replaced last picture! :)
  6. Andie

    Not a great image, just a chuckle.

    We have some Amish friends up in Wisconsin and before I met them I didn't know either. But they really have a great sense of humor and are very warm and friendly.. BTW, that sign is HILARIOUS! :)
  7. Andie


    I think I has asked about these exact ones and after getting some feedback here I bit the bullet and my new AlienBee (in martian pink, might I add :wink: ) came in the mail last Friday. I set it up last night and am hoping to figure it all out this weekend. :)
  8. Andie


    What you lookin' at? :lol:
  9. Andie

    Manteno State Hospital

    I just love pictures of this place... Can you just wander in the buildings? or do you have to know someone? Are we sneaking in? It's about 250 miles from me, but you never know when the chance to be in that part of the country might present itself :)
  10. Andie

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta Available December 15

    I have version 7 and can't open the RAW images from my K100D. :( Been thinking about upgrading so that I can work with them.
  11. Andie

    My first Robin

    Nice picture. Very pretty bird. Doesn't look like our US robins.
  12. Andie

    Now, on to the light meter...

    Good catch! Thank you, I didn't even notice that. My brain isn't functioning on full power today I don't think....
  13. Andie

    Now, on to the light meter...

    Getting my list ready to take care of my lighting situation. I am going with the Alien Bees beginner bee package to start. Now, light meter. Does anyone have any experience or any feedback on this particular one? It's pretty inexpensive compared to the other ones, but I'm hoping this would be an...
  14. Andie

    How old are you?

    40 as of yesterday
  15. Andie

    X-mas card shoot

    Great pics! I like #2 and #3 best. They look so sweet together in #2. The seat is a great idea! Found them at Target online if anyone else thinks they are a great idea...
  16. Andie

    Studio Flash advice needed!

    ok, thanks :) Just touching all bases before I break out the credit card :)
  17. Andie

    Studio Flash advice needed!

    Ok, still looking around. Anyone know anything about a brand called JTL? specifically TL-365?
  18. Andie


    She does have a beautiful smile...
  19. Andie

    Studio Flash advice needed!

    I see lots of brands out there on eBay. Can someone reccomend a good brand? Or at least which brands to stay away from?
  20. Andie

    Studio Flash advice needed!

    Thanks for your input! :)