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  1. Prophet

    FS: (US) EF 200 f2.8L

    Lens Model: Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L Mark II Lens Date Code if applicable: UTxxxx Lens Body Condition: Great condition. No marks. Lens Glass Condition: Clean glass: no scratches or fungus, some dust inside. Back element is clean and clear. Doesn't affect pictures at all. Sale Includes...
  2. Prophet

    Div. 3 NCAA Basketball Mens & Womens

    It was late and I had a lot of photo's to go through. I still think a few shots had a bit to much yellow hue and I didn't correct. All shots were with my 30D 1600 ISO f2.0 or f2.2 1/500 using 3400 Kelvin setting. This is my "Oh I wish..." shot. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. 8. More on my...
  3. Prophet

    WTB: 200mm f2.8 Prime!

    Just like the title says, if you got one send me a PM. -JD-
  4. Prophet

    Help. 30D AI Focus accuracy, its front focusing.

    Last night I was shooting my first basketball game in years. I was using my 30D 85mm f1.8. Shooting either ISO800 or 1600. Shooting between f/2.8 and f/4 at 1/250 or 1/320 I believe. Well when I went to proof (when I got home) the photo and even while I was test shooting (before the game) I...
  5. Prophet

    Need advice fast. 1D mark II

    I've got a deal worked out on another forum for a 1D Mark II. I would trade my 17-40 L and my 30D + cash for a 1D Mark II. What are people's thoughts? I'm really hoping for a jump in IQ over the 30D. I understand that they are both the same processor and same MP count. I also understand that...
  6. Prophet

    "Frozen in Time" C&C

    C&C Welcomed.. Which is better? How can it be improved? iso100 f8 .4 sec. Nifty Fifty iso100 f8 .4 sec. Nifty Fifty -JD-
  7. Prophet

    'Your Move" Self Portrait

    I feel real good about this one. I didn't get the focus point I wanted, but I got a good one. As always C&C Welcome. -JD-
  8. Prophet

    Quite possibly my best work yet....

    Looking Into the Future..... Thoughts? C&C Welcome. I'm not proficient in photoshop at all. I'm sure it can be improved. -JD-
  9. Prophet

    Help me improve these two pictures.

    Once again, I got an idea, had a good idea to replicate the liquid in the glass and I rushed it all. I should have tried to slow down and used different aperatures. I wanted to make the glass as sharp as possible all the way around. But this is just my thoughts. What would do to improve them...
  10. Prophet

    What's with the obsession with date codes?

    So... what's up with that! I take it, if you are buying used, you are making sure that it was built recently? -JD-
  11. Prophet

    WTB: Canon 70-200mm F4L Non-IS

    Who's got one and willing to part with it? As long as the glass is perfect and the outside isn't beat up to bad, lets talk. I think I'll be in the market after the new year. Would like the bag and if you have the tripod mount, that would be nice as well. -JD-
  12. Prophet

    Sweet spot for 17-40 f4 L

    Maybe this isn't an appropriate question, but anyone know where the sweet spot is for the 17-40 f4L and shows the best performance. I read that almost any lens performs best 2 stops up from the bottom. That would be about f8 on this lens, correct? Given a scene with appropriate light, can anyone...
  13. Prophet

    Am I ready for the General Gallery? Heaven's Key's for C&C

    Am I ready? Not much to what I can do with photoshop. I try to keep it simple. Still working on my DoF. Some practice shots. Cropped, sharpened and converted from RAW to JPEG in PS. As always C&C welcomed. "Heaven's Keys" f/11 1/5 Sec iso100 @40mm "Heaven's Keys 2" f/5.6 1/5 sec...
  14. Prophet

    Project Lightbox & FYR: "Vitamin-D"

    On Strobist it details how to build a cheap light box. So I took my afternoon and built on. I then shot some hand-oilpainted Santa's that my mother-in-law painted. I'll post something of those up later. I shot about 300 shots of those 2 subjects. Anyhow.... "Vitamin-D" f/11 1/250 iso200...
  15. Prophet

    "The Fish"

    After I purchased my new lens, I went down to Circle Center Mall in Indy to try and catch some shoppers... maybe some kids.... Forgot that Circle Center is not all that kid friendly. It was cold outside and we didn't get any shots of the people on the side walks. Here is my favorite shot. Seems...
  16. Prophet

    Bought my first "L"! Compare to Tamron! w/ pics

    So, I went down to Roberts in Indy today. Went with my friend which is never good news. I went down with the intentions of buying the Tamron XS DiII 17-40 f2.8 Wide Angle. I had them bring out the Canon f4 17-40 L. I mounted both of them on the 40D. My friend took two pictures of me, trying to...
  17. Prophet

    3 "Portrait Shots" need C&C.

    I was testing out my gear last weekend. I need some C&C as i want to take our family shot for Christmas cards. C&C welcome. cute.jpg (image) Mason_xmas.jpg (image) persistent.jpg (image) I know there are some obvious stuff. But are my images to bright? I had some issues with focus so there...
  18. Prophet

    Photoshop Elements Help w/ pic

    Howdy. I am not very good at using Photoshop. I recently got a copy of Elements v5. I've played around with it a little bit but can any give me any tips to help me make the photo look a little more polished? Figured out how to use frames and such. I was able to resize it smaller, but it still...
  19. Prophet

    "Piano Man" & "Victory" & one more

    F5 1/60 400 - Built in Flash I think was used. F3.5 1/30 ISO200 F5.6 1/25 ISO400 These were taken before I got my 50mm. I would love to have seen these same shots with the 50. I was using my Sigma at the time. I will post specs on the shots in a second. As always C&C is welcomed...
  20. Prophet

    WTT: xBox 360 w/ Games for DigiSLR

    I've got a newer xbox 360 that I want to sell. I've had it for a year and it works great. I have 5 games, 2 guitars, 2 controllers (never thrown or damaged), 1 rechargable battery w/ cord and 20Gb hard drive. If the deal is good enough, I will even throw in the remaining 11 months on the year...