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  1. ::trainwreck::

    Any suggestions on color film?

    I figure since my dslr is being repaired atm I may as well shoot some film for the time being. Actually, I've been wanting to shoot more film for a while, this is just the kick I've needed to get going I suppose, lol. I was wondering if anyone had anyone film suggestions. I'm just shooting some...
  2. ::trainwreck::

    d60 malfunctioning

    So, I have a Nikon D60 that I've owned for around two years now and tonight when I turned it on and tried to take a picture, the frame came out completely white. I tried again, same thing. Everything else was fine, regarding camera menu and viewfinder. I changed settings, still nothing but a...
  3. ::trainwreck::

    Logo design

    Playing around with a logo design. Heres one of the many variations I've come up with. Too busy? Too cliche? Any ideas?
  4. ::trainwreck::

    Panorama how-to

    Can anyone give me a good refence on how to do Panoramas? I want to try doing some, but I'm not sure how to go about doing them.
  5. ::trainwreck::

    First time with flash for portraits C&C please

    This weekend I experimented with using an off camera flash. I'm still practicing with it and trying to get right, but here were some of the better pictures. C&C would be much appreciated.
  6. ::trainwreck::

    New Car

    Cash for clunkers. Not mine, my mom's ;) but still. She was washing it today, so I took a few pictures, here's one of them. As always, C&C welcome.
  7. ::trainwreck::

    First HDR pictures, C&C please

    Here are my first attempts on HDR. C&C please (yes, i already know about the bad lens flare in 1 and yes I know about the small halo in 3) 1 2 3
  8. ::trainwreck::

    Photographers Assistant

    Okay, this probably seems like a stupid question, but what would be the best way to go about finding an Assistant job. I feel like this would be the best way to gain some experience and knowledge.
  9. ::trainwreck::

    Garden Pictures for C&C

    My mom does a ton of landscaping in her spare time, and I wanted to do some pictures for her. Heres a few of her flowers I've gotten so far. C&C please.
  10. ::trainwreck::

    Portraits for C&C please

    First couple of portraits on my D60. Could def. use some C&C. 1 2 3
  11. ::trainwreck::

    What if we just split this up?

    Instead of just fighting about the two types of HDR, why don't we just get more specific about it? We could just call the realistic HDR's "HDR" and the surrealistic HDR's "S-HDR". just a thought?
  12. ::trainwreck::


    I'm sort of new to the forums here. I've been reading them for quite a while and finally have decided to jump in. I love all things photography, and love taking pictures of anything. My favorite things to shoot are landscapes and portraits, but as I said, I like to do it all. I'm still sort of...