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  1. YoungPic

    ALMS @ Mosport

    heres a couple shots from the race this summer. C&C appreciated
  2. YoungPic

    What Would You Pay?

    I have had several people wanting to buy my old camera and gear but i am horrbile with placing a value on things. so i was wondering how much do you think my old kit is worth. Pentax IST DL 18-55 mm sigma 75-300mm 50mm 1.7 Pentax AF 360FGZ flash
  3. YoungPic

    Bottom Line: Canon 430 EXII v. 580 EXII

    what am i paying for besides pure power and ability to use the 580 as a slave? and what are any other differences between these two
  4. YoungPic

    So this is where I play C&C pls

  5. YoungPic

    Is it possible to get my pentax.....

    to shoor IR. Ive recently bought a 40d so my old pentax is just sitting on the shelf and i was wondering is it possible to change it to a dedicated IR camera? and if it is what needs to be done?
  6. YoungPic

    My Moose C&C Please

    i dont know quite what it is but i do like this picture
  7. YoungPic

    Fake Card? What Affects can it Have?

    I bought a sandisk 4gb CF card off ebay(i know buyer bewware) but when i bought it the seller had a 98% rating and the bad ratings were just for late delivery. So in the course of waiting for it t be shipped to me (about a week and a half) i read the sellers feed back and it dropped to like 95...
  8. YoungPic

    Do I really Need IS?

    Got my canon 40d and can't be happier. Now im trying to find the 70-200 lens that fits me. Ive looked at sigma, and heard really good and extremley bad also, so kinda passed them a side. So now im pretty much locked in with canon, and the 70-200 2.8, dont like the f/4 too much because im...
  9. YoungPic

    Pentax K20D?

    Besides the 14MP CMOS sensor, iso range, live view, what are the major or even minor improvements to the K20D over the K10D? I am almost positive i will be upgrading to a new body soon and would just like to know if the 20d is really that different than the 10d? And of course, overall will i see...
  10. YoungPic

    A Day at The Races

    I went to mosport on the saturday to see the practices and qualifying for The Grand Prix of Mosprt, heres some of my shots 1. Audi R10 TDI 2. Corvette C6-R 3. Ferrari F-430 GT 4. Another Audi 5. Porsche RS Spyder Prototype 6. Porsche 911 GT3 RSR
  11. YoungPic

    Frustrated With Sensor

    as you can see in the image above theres little pieces of dirt, i know its dirt and not scratches because every time i try to clean it they just get moved around, all over the sensor, this pic was taken at f16, i rarely shoot that high but still this bothers me, ive tried everything so far...
  12. YoungPic

    Too Good To Be True? i was almost tempted to buy it but it just seemed fishy And to add i did some more searching on ebay and theres a tone of what seem to be...
  13. YoungPic

    Another Quick Lens Question

    i recently bought a sigma 70-300 for a film pentax but i will be using it on my digital, the question i have is that this lens has an aperture ring, now i know i will have to use that to control the aperture but what do i do for the setting on the camera? do i just match the number on the ring...
  14. YoungPic

    Is This Worth it?

  15. YoungPic

    Is This Worth it?

    i dont think so but what do you think
  16. YoungPic


    yes or no question, i think i know the answer but i tend to doubt myself from time to time, will this lens work on my digital pentax istdl?
  17. YoungPic


    im getting confused on some pretty simple stuff, whats the difference between regular 35mm film and slide 35mm film, are they single frames of film? or just normal please help out with this simple question
  18. YoungPic

    Down at the Gardens

  19. YoungPic

    Down at the Gardens

    I took these at the Rododendren (or however you spell it) gardens 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  20. YoungPic

    Please Critique

    sorry repeat